Broncos - 49ers Postgame Quotes

Mike Shanahan and various players discuss the Broncos 26-21 win over the San Francisco 49ers. Check out the full transcripts.

Head Coach Mike Shanahan

"We made some strides from last week. Last week we didn't do well in the running game. There was an emphasis on it this week, and we had a chance to go against the same type scheme. That helped us out a lot because we've seen a lot of it during this preseason. To go against Houston with a 3-4 look and go against San Francisco, it really helped our offense going against a four-man front all through camp. So we made some strides in that area."

On Special Teams
"Well, you can't do anything about the (missed) field goals, but the punt block was just one guy, so I thought we made some strides in special teams today. The punt blocked by number 28 (S Keith Lewis), he's been bringing it, not only last year but this year and he's just a great special teams player. If you give any kind of penetration to him, he's going to find a way to block that punt. So it was a really great play by him. But overall I was really pleased and we made some strides on special teams.

On Punt Returns
"I thought Charlie (Adams) made some great runs, and we got some great effort, much improved over last week and we still have a ways to go, but I was pleased with the progress. I'm happy that there is some competition there. Charlie obviously proved today that he can make some people miss, and I think Williams' has proved, at least in his collegiate career, that any time he touches the ball he can go the distance."

On Red Zone & Third Downs
"Its still an area we have to improve on, anytime you're three for six in the red zone, that's not good enough, but I was pleased with the third downs. Any time you're 9-of-17, you're doing some good things and you always want to win the turnover battle, and we did that today."

On Quarterback Play
"I thought Jake played well. He's got such a good fell for the game, he's been there and done that, so he's been pretty cool, calm and collected. For Bradlee, it's another story. It's a great learning experience. I thought he really settled down and came back, moved the ball and we finally got into the end zone. That's just the nature of being a quarterback in the NFL. You've got to go through a learning process, there's a curve there and you're going to make some mistakes. But he seems to make those mistakes full speed and he's an athlete and I thought he played well after he settled down a little bit."

On Darius Watts
"Well I thought he made a great play over there, and I'm not sure on his couple of drops, one was underthrown, and if we had a little bit better protection, Darius would have walked into the end zone. He had a great studder takeoff, and I think Matt's arm got hit right as he was delivering it. We had max protection and just a great route, and I thought he made a great route on Bradlee's throw into the end zone, it just looked like he hit his foot right on the line."

On Penalties
"I was disappointed, because any time you get the ball in the end zone it's called back, and I think Ben was disappointed in that since we got it down to the 1-yard line. I was pleased (overall), just disappointed those couple of times we got the ball down there and didn't score. But after the penalty, we regained our momentum and our focus and got the ball right down there again and scored again on a touchdown."

On The Defense
"You just play who you have, ad that'll be decided as the year goes on. I'm not going to make excuses for a defense playing well. You never know how you're going to be when the regular starts, or how they're going to be. All you can do is evaluate the team and the way they played, and I thought our first team played pretty good.

Rod Smith

On Preseason Games
"It counts but it doesn't count. We're just trying to get better as a team, that's our goal."

On The Offense
"I think we made some strides tonight. We certainly have a ways to go but I thought we definitely showed some improvement from last week. We just have to continue that again next week."

Jake Plummer

On The Offense
"I think we were happy with our performance. We just wanted to get that second (drive) into the endzone and didn't. Our coaches did a great job play-calling, mixing it up. We just have to cut down on the mistakes and keep improving."

On Ron Dayne
"I really like to watch Ron run, he's a load."

On The Running Game
"We were hungry after last week. We knew we didn't run the ball well, so we wanted to come out here tonight and do something about it."

Ron Dayne

"I am just trying to get used to everything and get better. That's the challenge. Every chance I get, I just want to make the most of it. I think we did some good things out there tonight. Our running game was strong, Mike and Tatum both played well. We just have to continue working hard."

Bradlee Van Pelt

On His Play
"You see me making the tough plays but it's the easy plays that I have to be more consistent with. These preseason games, you have to grade yourself hard. Until I'm perfect—and I don't think I'll ever be that---you have to stay hard on yourself."


On The Offense
"It's encouraging. That's what I expect our offense to do."

On John Lynch's Hit
"That's John. He's a player we expect to go out there and make those kind of plays. It's a tough game. John plays hard."

San Francisco 49ers Defensive End Marques Douglas

"Whether it happened on the field or in the lockerroom, it's going to be disheartening, but the medical staff was very attentive with what was going on. We did the best thing we could, and that was to get out of the way. We're not doctors, so we took it to a higher level and prayed… prayed that everything would be all right. Whenever you have a family member and something is going on with them, you just tend to want what's best. Regardless, if your best is to stand back or to pray for them, so that's what we did, prayed for him and stood back. There was excellent medical attention to him, we feel confident now it's in God's hands.

"We didn't see anything happen. Right after we finished praying, the medical staff was right there. They were alert to him. I sat by my locker and prayed for him. I did the best thing I knew how to do, and that's take some time back and say a prayer for him."

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