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Boninya has done some research on the Broncos and predicts that the Super Bowl is a sure thing this year. Read what he has to say in our "Pick of the Posts."

We're goin to the SB boys!

So I was watching NFL Network the other day when they had Shanny & Rod on talking about camp, the upcoming season and not winning a playoff game in 6 years. After the interview segment ended Rich Eisen pulled out one of those situational stats that could only mean something if you truly beleive in fate.

He pointed out that the last time we went six years without winning a playoff game we went to and won the dance. I'm not one to put much stock into stats like that, you know the "how well a team has done in the snow, on the Thursday before Thanksgiving, after a win, when they were down by 2 points" type stat. It's usually meaningless! I remembered checking out on average, how many times the Broncos have been to the SB, since the creation of time not long ago and it was the same 6 years. So this got me interested in what other things were similar to this year in regards to us going to a SB.........

#1 Like I said, the last time we went 6 years without a playoff win...we went to and won the SB.

#2 On average, we go to a SB every 6 years....it's been 6!

#3 Before the 1st SB win, we went to the playoffs 3 times and lost in the 1st round each time. Since our last SB win, we've been to....you guessed it 3 playoffs and lost each time in the 1st round.

#4 The last 2 times we went in fact, we were 3-2 & 3-1 in the preseason. This year we will be at least 3-1 maybe 4-0 in the preseason.

Now you say the preseason doesn't mean anything, well your wrong! 9 of the past 10 SB winners posted a preseason record of at least .500 or better, most .750 or better. In fact 30 of the 38 SB winning teams have done the same....winning .750 or better of their preseason games.

#5 The year we won "The One For John" we brought in some key guys for our D. Two of which were linemen and coincidentally teamates.... from K.C., and very instrumental in helping us to the champoinship, Neil Smith & Keith Traylor.

Now you tell me, is this coincidence or is it a year of fate?

Posted by Boninya on 8/30/2005

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