Broncos Ready to Rumble

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event. That's right, the main event. The dog and pony show is finally over. I'm not saying that pre-season football isn't fun, but let's be honest; it's not the real deal.

Imagine you go without any solid food for 7 months, think of how good a microwavable White Castle hamburger would taste at the end of those seven months. That's Pre-season. Its football, but it's not the best of the best.

I'm sure, like me, you're tired of the microwavable White Castle burgers. It's time for T-Bones! Bring on the regular season!

The Broncos made their final cuts and there were some mild surprises, the biggest being Bradlee Van Pelt not only beating out Danny Kanell for the back up quarterback spot, but making Kanell expendable. Kanell was the back up quarterback in 2004. The thing I find most interesting about the move is BVP doesn't throw the ball well. He didn't have a touchdown pass until the last preseason game - against Arizona!

Let's hope Plummer's knee holds up, or the Broncos and their fans are in for a Mile High disappointment.

The other big surprise is Clarett got hurt and gave up on his team. (Maybe not such a surprise?) The Broncos used a valuable 3rd round draft pick. Teams don't normally release 3rd round picks after their first training camp. Even Marcus Nash made it a year. Good luck with your career in the Arena League Maurice.

Now some of the good news bad news stuff. I like to hear the bad news first, so here it goes. Jerry Rice, the best wide receiver ever, looked his age. At 42 he was unable to get any separation what so ever from his coverage; making it very difficult to catch balls. In his defense, Van Pelt's accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. Sorry to see you go.

The good news? Watts seems to have found his hands. He had three receptions for 22 yards and two touchdowns in his pre-season finale. That was the type of game he needed to get his confidence back.

Todd Devoe, who started out a long shot to make the team; woke up after the cut to see his name on the 53 man roster. Devoe hasn't seen a lot of time against opposing teams number one "D's", but showed some explosiveness at the wide receiver position. He and Charlie Adams add some depth at a shaky position for the Broncos.

Darrent Williams had a good pre-season filling in for Champ Bailey. The young rookie will bring a dimension fans haven't seen in a long time. He also brings the type of attitude that coaches like to see, a la Shannon Sharpe.

The defensive line moves made in the off season made some of the team's contributors from last year expendable. Guys like, Luther Ellis, and Mario Fatafehi. One of Denver's weaknesses is now one of its strengths.

Shanahan made some discoveries in the pre-season. He learned some of the defensive line from Cleveland can actually play. Maybe they were just unhappy, (Hum, what a concept). Mike Anderson still has it, and so does Ron Dayne. Other draft picks which are panning out in the defensive backfield? Foxworth and Paymah.

The Broncos aren't shoe-ins for the AFC West Championship, but if they can avoid the injury bug there's a chance. Denver is not in a rebuilding stage. They are re-adjusting. Let's hope it doesn't last long, because if it does, it's going to be a long season.

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