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Bradlee Van Pelt got caught with his finger in the air, an obscenity on his chest and his name on the back of his shirt.

Bradlee Van Pelt got caught with his finger in the air, an obscenity on his chest and his name on the back of his shirt.

Boys will be boys.

The community in Boulder is "outraged" at the young quarterback's actions, and columnists all over the state are tripping over themselves to express how horrible the kid's actions were on the sidelines of Folsom Field. The normally effervescent Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post even went so far as to suggest that Van Pelt be benched and a veteran signal-caller brought in and signed just to "teach him a lesson."

Don't soil y leg and tell me it's raining.

Should he have done it? Absolutely not. Was it embarrassing? Yeah, quite. Should he receive a strong talking-to from head coach Mike Shanahan? Yes, and he already has.

Should he get a week's suspension? Hmm, no.

Everyone wants to act like BVP was the only one in that stadium taunting the other team, the only one shouting obscenities and doing things in poor taste. Every CU fan I've talked to has said the people in their section, the fans in their row were doing almost the exact same thing.

CU fans, citizens of Boulder, bring me your outrage. I'll laugh in your face.

Dr. Kettle, the Pot is on line two.

CU fans, let's call a horse a horse. You're just as guilty of this, and if it was Kordell Stewart on the sidelines, making these remarks and throwing the finger (even twice, GASP!) around, you wouldn't be expressing the same feelings. My God, CU fans are notorious for throwing marshmallows filled with batteries at other teams. Don't get all holier than thou over this.

"But the children, Sam," shout the outraged citizens of the People's Republic of Boulder. "The children saw this! It was horrible! Their little eyes have been tarnished by the image of someone giving the finger in a public place!"

How horrible.

Problem is, I'd bet you dollars to donuts that Dad had a few too many that day and was egging on the CSU sideline. I'll bet Mom met up with her sorority sisters before the game for some amaretto sours and mai tais, got a little crazy, shouting things she shouldn't have shouted while waiting for the late-game hangover to set in (believe me, I'm a pretty reliable source on the late-game hangover. I went to the number six party school in the country… let's just say that most of the partying was done at football games).

"But he went too far, Sam. The ldren, the children!"r>
Right. The children.

Let's just be crystal clear on this one: if your kid is over the age of 10, he has seen the gesture before.

If he's under the age of 10, shame on you for taking him to the lion's den. You know what's going to happen. It's a college football rivalry game.

I've been to this game before, seen fans of both teams falling over drunk, slurring insults at one another, and giving each other the finger. Don't give me this nonsense about how offended your sensibilities are.

This is not meant to excuse Van Pelt's actions. He absolutely shouldn't have done that, as he's a representative of the finest franchise in the NFL.

But don't try to sell me on how offended you are. The intelligent people of both the CU and CSU communities know what's happening.

We're not stupid.

Sam DeWitt is a columnist for BroncosUpdate.com and has been writing his own columns about life, entertainment and sports on his own website for the past two years. E-mail him at BUMoose@gmail.com.

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