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Broncos Update's Pick of the Posts comes in the form of an open letter to Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan.

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Today's top pick comes from JJ2391

Dear Mike,

Please tell me...because as a long-time Bronco-fan, I need to understand...WHAT is it that YOU see in Jake Plummer, that no other football coach or fan on planet Earth can see? Why do you insist that Jake is the best hope for the future fortunes of the Broncos?

I'd like to point out a few observations for you to chew on. You just got you're a** kicked by a mediocre football team in the Miami Dolphins, and a large part of that loss was the poor play at quarterback.

I admire someone who is loyal, when it is warranted. But here you are being loyal to a fault. Please, take off your rose-colored glasses and see what the rest of the world sees in Jake Plummer. On his best days he is sporadic. On his average day he is frustratingly ineffective. And on his worst days, he can be the single element that leads the Broncos to a humiliating loss.

Some will say this is harsh, but it is hardly a stretch to imply that Jake Plummer has never been able to live up to the hyperbole that so many have heard. I have seen no evidence that he can lead the team on the field. I hear a lot of excuses, but I never see the proof, because there is none. Jake missed wide-open receivers today, but managed to squeeze the ball into the mitts of a couple of defensive backs seemingly effortlessly.

So Mr. Shanahan, what is it that you think you know that nobody else in the football universe knows? When your gold-standard is John Elway, I am sure it is tough to try to be the Broncos QB. But honestly, you have had Griese, Frerotte (who both won today by the way) and now you have hitched your wagon to Jake. Even the Arizona Cardinals had had enough of him by the time he left there. Jake Plummer is perhaps the worst game-managing QB in the league with more than 10 starts in his career.

You've ignored critics of Jake, but you can't ignore his ineptitude much longer, unless you are willing to lose and lose often. If the year ends the way it has started, you must be willing to abandon this QB experiment gone so horribly wrong.

Lastly, some will say that you can't blame Jake, and that you got beat by one of the league's best defenses today. That is a load of crap. If you can't beat the Dolphins in week one, then how are you ever going to coach this team to a win against a REAL playoff threat like the Colts, Chargers, Chiefs, or Patriots?

Please let this be the last year that we have to suffer through the Jake Plummer era. Either that or prepare for lots of fans at Invesco wearing brown paper bags with eye-hole cutouts.

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