Broncos Clowning Act Not Funny

The Circus came to Miami Sunday posing as the Denver Broncos. It may have been the "Greatest Show on Earth" for the Dolphins, but it was one the Broncos would like to forget.

What should have been an easy win became an embarrassment. The state of Florida has never been kind to the boys in orange and blue and Sunday was no exception. With limited success in the Sunshine State during their last four meetings, the loss to the Dolphins 34-10 in the season opener stunned even the most die-hard Bronco haters.

How could they lose to the Dolphins? The same team who won four games last year, that Dolphin team? The team whose starting quarterback changes teams from minute to minute. Correction, they manhandled them, blew them out, humiliated them whatever you want to call it, they lost by 24 points, to the Dolphins. If I say it enough maybe I'll believe it actually happened.

Quarterback Jake Plummer was off to a dreadful start by not completing a pass until midway into the second quarter. The passing game was a non-factor for most of the day until it was too late. The former Arizona State University star was picked off twice by the Dolphins defense. He is currently on pace to surpass his old mark of 20 interceptions with 32.

The juggling act by the receivers, which became all too familiar last season, has once again reared its ugly head. You can't completely blame Plummer, apparently some of Denver's wide receivers are going to the Darius Watts school of thought. Drop it like it's hot guys!

The Denver defense had a difficult day on the gridiron, or should I say grill. They were inconsistent and their secondary was marred with injuries; both starting cornerbacks and one reserve going to the sideline. The defense gave up 27 points in the game that included a 60 yard Marty Booker touchdown catch from old friend Gus Frerotte.

According to sports professionals, the Broncos should have won this game. The schedule gets much tougher during the next few weeks with division foes San Diego and Kansas City coming to Denver for back-to-back games. After Kansas City the Broncos return to hostile territory in Florida to face the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It is only week one. Not the end of the world. The loss to Miami will be forgotten once Denver gets a couple of wins under its belt. With fifteen more tries to accomplish what they could not get done against the Dolphins, hopefully this juggling act closes for good.

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