Monday's Quotes - Mike Shanahan

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan discusses yesterday's embarrassing loss to the Miami Dolphins, the injury status to Champ Bailey and Mike Anderson and how he can improve the teams red zone efficiency. Check out the full transcripts.

Mike Shanahan

On the injury status of cornerback Champ Bailey
"Champ Bailey dislocated his shoulder. It's not separated. Usually with dislocation, it could be anywhere up to one or two weeks. There's an outside chance -- if he can handle the pain -- there's a possibility he could play this weekend, so we'll go over that scenario during the week. Mike Anderson has got some rib cartilage, a little separation there. It's really dealing with the pain. It was quite sore during the game. That, again, will be determined later. (Cornerback) Lenny Walls, of course, he went out there on the second play during the third quarter. It was a combination of needing an IV and having a wrist injury. The wrist is sore right now. I don't think it's anything that will keep him out. (Tackle) George Foster has got a little bit of an ankle sprain; it shouldn't be any problem, and (linebacker) Pat Chukwurah is getting treatment for a little tendonitis in his knee."

On cornerback Champ Bailey's shoulder injury
"(Head Athletic Trainer) Steve (Antonopulos) thought initially that it was separated, very similar to what (cornerback) Lenny (Walls) had before. Then after the MRI and talking to him after the game, it was dislocated, which means it pops out of the joint. So it is still quit sore and he will have to play in a harness. (Linebacker) Al Wilson had it last year and (safety) John Lynch had it. I have seen (safety) Ray Crocket have one and then go back in the game and play, but he was quit sore for the next four or five days. This is all good news, but I don't know, it could still be a couple weeks."

On the possibility of Bailey playing with the injury
"Al (Wilson) did not, I think John (Lynch) did with a harness. There were different degrees of those separations, and Champ had a pretty good dislocation, so a lot has to do with pain."

On running back Mike Anderson and cornerback Champ Bailey playing through the injuries
"There is a difference between an injury and being hurt. If these guys are hurt, they will play. If they are injured, they can't play, but there are certain situations where you they hurt themselves but they have to go out there and perform. Both of those guys would obviously play if they were hurt, but we will have to evaluate them later on in the week."

On running back Mike Anderson's rib injury
"What we have to do is find out how sore (running back) Mike Anderson is. He has some rib cartilage and with that you can actually numb that area without any risk to Mike, so that is a good sign. The bad sign is that we gave him a shot during the game and it didn't do anything to the pain, so it is sore right now and it is really hard to say. If he can go, I think he would be able to help us, but if it is too painful, we will have to address it and move on."

On the way the offense played against Miami
"I think about my years as a head coach and my years as a coordinator, I don't think I can remember an offense putting as much pressure on a defense as we did. It was hot and we had 12 drives and we had one 10 play drive for 39 yards and one seven-play drive that included the four plays on the goal line. That is not a normal seven-play drive. The rest of them were three, four or five plays and out. When you do that, it makes it hard for your defense to play four quarters at the level that we expect them to play. We did not do a very good job on offense. I can not put my thumb on it, because there was some great effort, guys played hard, but you have to have eleven guys out there playing together. I mentioned, one guy here, one guy there, just doesn't get it done."

On the Broncos' defense being worn out in the second half
"I was trying to answer that question the way I did it. I thought our team was in pretty good shape and we are not a heavy team. When you are three plays and out and your defense is on the (field) as much as they were, we couldn't get any drives going. When you can't get anything going and your defense is out there continuously, somebody is going to get worn down sooner or later. They keep the ball going a couple drives and we were only down six points going into the second drive of the third quarter and our guys started to get tired. Champ Bailey goes out on the first play of the second half and Lenny Walls goes out on the second play of the second half. All of this sudden (cornerback Darrent) Williams goes down and with eight minutes left in the third quarter, you have (safety) Sam Brandon out there playing cornerback. I think Sam did a heck of a job out there being a safety playing corner. That is not the scenario that we were looking for, but Sam did a good job. We did some good things, but we have to do much better offensively, to go on the road and beat a good team."

On how he prepared the running game for Miami
"First of all, they aren't the same team. They had a lot of injuries last year. They did a good job. They did a good job stopping the run. We got behind and didn't get to run the ball as much as we would have liked to. Like I said, we had 12 series. When you only get four, five, or six plays, you don't have a lot of Mike's (Anderson). So you have to throw the ball 48 times. You're not going to have much of a running game."

On what preparations will take place to improve Denver's red zone efficiency
"You go back and take a look at why you didn't score. We had an opportunity. We had (Wide receiver) Ashley (Lelie) on third down and five right in the end zone. He couldn't make that catch. You can only talk about different plays. When you're in that position and Ashley is has been pretty consistent for us throughout the preseason. He had a great camp. I'm not going to go through all of the scenarios, but that's one of them right there. We had a couple of opportunities, and we didn't make them. When you go on the road, you have to make those plays. We had an excellent chance to be up 14-6."

On the goal line running game
"Well, that's something you work on. Hopefully we'll get better. They (Miami) out-executed us. We'll go back to the drawing board, and hopefully we'll get a little bit better."

On the decision to not play defensive end Courtney Brown against Miami
"It was just my gut feeling not to dress him. He just didn't have enough full-speed work. He will play and will dress this week unless there is a setback."

On Brown's readiness for next week's game
"Pretty good, but not enough to have (defensive ends) Ebenezer (Ekuban) or Marco Coleman not dress. I thought Courtney looked pretty good, but I thought he needed another week of practice before he would play."

On rookie punter/kicker Paul Ernster competing for a roster spot
"Well, he sure wasn't in that game. You're hoping a guy performs better than that. He's been pretty consistent in practice. The guy hasn't even been healthy since he's been here. You always hope a guy is going to step up and do it in a game like they do in practice, but he hasn't done that yet. We've got to make that tough decision on what's the best thing for the team."

On Ernster's value to the team
"That will be part of our decision later this week… What's the best for our team. It's also nice having a guy kicking that ball out of the end zone every time… if that's what he does. He wouldn't be dressing if he didn't do it consistently in practice."

On Miami's game plan against Denver
"I think they had a good plan. I think they hit a couple hitches to the wide receivers. They broke a couple tackles. They called running plays and dumped it off a couple times. A couple times we made a tackle and a couple times, we missed. I thought that was a good plan. Overall, I thought except for that reverse, we did a pretty good job on the running game. I think they averaged about 2.8 yards per carry except for the reverse. You still have to count that because it was a big play at the time. It got them in field position. I still feel good about our run defense, but obviously it wasn't good enough."

On quarterback Jake Plummer's performance against Miami
"I thought he did a couple things very well. He got out of trouble and did some things that most human beings can't do. He had a few passes that he has to put away. He did some good things, and he did some poor things. You want that consistency. The only bad throw I thought he had was the interception. That thing sailed on him. You know, with a hail mary… heck, it was fourth and 10 and you have to go for it. That's just a guy being unselfish. I don't even count that as an interception. You've got to do that. Some quarterbacks won't do that because they're worried about their stats. This kid wants to win. I felt pretty good about that. We need to be more consistent, especially on the road."

On the performance of wide receiver Ashley Lelie against Miami
"You know, you want that consistency, and I think you have to be tough on yourself. I don't know if it's the worst he's ever played, but we expect him to make big time plays because he's been doing it in practice. He's tough on himself and he should be. Everybody should be tough on themselves, including myself. If you do that, then you have a chance to get better."

On what the loss to Miami means to the rest of the season
"We've got a lot of games left so I don't think we can get too carried away. What you have to do is look at yourself and say, ‘Hey, why did we play poorly? What do we have to do to make sure this doesn't happen again?' So you have to be tough on yourself, but at the same time be realistic. You have an AFC West game coming up and you know how important it is.You better get ready for the Chargers because the Chargers are a good football team."

On his immediate reaction to the result of the opener
"On the way back home, I was looking at the game film. I like to go back and take a look at the offense, defense and special teams. That's what I did for three and a half hours, and I had a good feel for the game by the time we landed."

On the play of rookie cornerback Domonique Foxworth against the Dolphins
"He really played well… him and (rookie cornerback Darrent) Williams. When Williams went out there in the third quarter and they put a lot of pressure on both Sam (Brandon) and Domonique, both guys played extremely well. I'm really happy with those young corners."

On wide receiver Charlie Adams
"He's been more consistent throughout training camp. I told Charlie before the Arizona game that he was going to be our starting third wide receiver and to get ready to go. He made a couple big time catches in that game with limited play. I was pleased with his effort and him coming up with a couple big plays."

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