Schon: Rumors, Rants & Raves 9/13/05

Preparing for the next Randy Moss meltdown, learning creative financing from the Minnesota Vikings and analyzing the clairvoyant abilities of agent Drew Rosenhaus - it was a wild first week for the NFL.

So how long do you think it's going to be before Randy Moss has a complete meltdown in Oaktown? My guess is not very long.

Five receptions for 130-yards including one touchdown are decent numbers in themselves, but the only numbers that really matter are those on the scoreboard, and on that end Moss came up short. In fact, chances are Moss is going to come up short more times than not over the next sixteen weeks, which in itself, could be enough to send the former hemp-head into rehab.

Hey Randy – pulling down a rocket from a Pro Bowl quarterback like Daunte Culpepper is one thing – crossing your fingers in the hopes that a 32-year old journeyman like Kerry Collins can find you in the open is another.

You wore out your welcome in Minnesota, admitted on national television that you still torch it up occasionally and signed with an NFL franchise that has about as much playoff potential as my ex-wife, what do you expect?

You wanted it, you got it – karma can be cruel.

Speaking of Meltdowns –
Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick appears ready to go toe to toe with offensive coordinator Jim Fasell. It was widely reported throughout the week that Billick had to constantly remind Fasell he was the head coach and that Fasell was the offensive coordinator.

In the long run it really didn't matter; collectively they were both smoked by Tony Dungy and the Indianapolis Colts. As a note – bickering among the coaching staff does not play out well in front of your players. Don't be surprised if one of the two mails in a change of address card before the season's over.

Rosenhaus a Clairvoyant?
Agent Drew Rosenhaus called it on the money this week.

During the offseason Rosenhaus suggested that his client Javon Walker was considering holding out until he could be granted a new contract from the Green Bay Packers.

The reasoning behind the threat was the fear that Walker could suffer a major injury and his chances for a lucrative long-term contract would be damaged.

Walker, who went against his agent's advise and decided to report without a new deal in place, ripped out the ACL in his right knee on Sunday and will miss the rest of the 2005 season.

Chalk one up for the shark.

Creative Finance 101 –
Ok, so here's the timeline - The Minnesota Vikings signed free agent wide receiver Koren Robinson to a contract last Tuesday. Saturday they released the former Seahawk, but made all the necessary arrangements to resign him on Monday.

Sounds crazy - maybe, but from Minnesota's angle it was brilliant. By releasing Robinson the Vikings avoided guaranteeing him the $540,000 base salary he was due as a four-year veteran under the NFL's collective bargaining agreement because he was not on the teams' official roster for opening day.

Pretty creative from a management standpoint - pretty rank from an employee standpoint.

New QB in D.C -
It took head coach Joe Gibbs less than thirty-minutes to pull the plug on Redskins quarterback Patrick Ramsey. It took Ramsey only slightly longer to inform his head coach he was no longer interested in playing for Washington.

Perfect move Patrick, although the threat may have carried a little more weight if there was another team that was actually interested in you. Heading into the second week of the 2005 season, I would say your chances of landing a starting gig anywhere in the league right now at about ZERO.

Then again, looking at your stats – one interception, two fumbles and being sidelined during the first half with a neck injury – I'll revise that to less than ZERO.

Enjoy the Nation's Capital.

Just a Game?
Is there anyone in America who wasn't rooting for the New Orleans Saints on Sunday?

What was classic is the Panther fans who stepped it up with a standing ovation as the Saints took the field, and continued to show their support right up until the time John Carney nailed down the game winning field goal.

Twelve hours earlier Saints coach Jim Haslett gathered his players to read them a letter addressed by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. The mayor wanted to remind the team that despite the devastation of the past two weeks, the city still loved and supported them and although it was just a game, he urged them to have fun and do their best in Sunday's season opener against the Carolina Panthers.

"It was very emotional for us," Saints wide receiver Joe Horn told reporters. "It feels real good because we know all they went through, all they lost. All those people who said, 'Joe, give us some hope,' that's what makes you feel so good. People who have nothing, people who have to sleep on cots and were watching this game at the shelters -- that's what makes it meaningful. We want to take that with us everywhere we go. Their words kept going through my mind. . . . It's not about the New Orleans Saints. It's about those people sitting on cots with their kids."

Yea, it's just a game, but for millions of Americans across the country directly affected or not, it was the first real step towards healing, hope and a new beginning.

Yea sure, it's just a game.

Michael John Schon has covered the National Football League and the Denver Broncos for the past nine years. As a member of the Pro Football Writers Association he has published and syndicated columns to both newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and Canada. His syndicated radio broadcast: "Schon Live" airs weekly on various radio stations around the country.

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