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Today's top pick comes from Bighungry71, who shares his prediction for this weekend's game against the San Diego Chargers.

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Today's top pick comes from Bighungry71

Week two brings us something nobody expected. The Bolts, a supposed playoff contender, and our boys, again a supposed playoff contender, vying to avoid the dreaded 0-2 record. That record has historically been the kiss of death.

I think week one caught quite a few of us off guard. The offense didn't execute at all, from the line to the quarterback everyone struggled. Two schools of thought come from that, either we suck, or we were unprepared and didn't get "In Sync".

No I don't mean we need Justing Timberlake running post routes....I mean maybe that last game of the preseason where NONE of the starters even played gave them too long of a layoff and they struggled because of it.

So here is my "out on a limb" prediction for week two.

1. Our boys WILL run the football effectively. I see a large man wearing a University of Wisconsin sweatshirt and carrying a bronze trophy taking the majority of the carries.

2. Antonio Gates WILL catch 5 passes but not be a big factor in the game.

3. The defense WILL hold L.T. to under 100 yards rushing/receiving.

4. Someone WILL beat Champ Bailey deep.....again

5. Drew Brees WILL look earily like a week one Gus Frerotte

6. Jake "lefty" Plummer will throw 2TD's and 1-INT

7. I will stop on 7...why...I think you all know.......We WILL be 1-1 at the end of the day.

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