Broncos - Chargers Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Mike Shanahan and the Denver Broncos had plenty to say following today's 20-17 win over division rival San Diego Chargers. Check out the full transcripts -

Mike Shanahan

On Denver's Overall Play
"It was a gutsy performance. Things didn't go right, but we found a way to win against a good football team.

On Going For It On Fourth Down
"It was a no-brainer to me, and our confidence level was there. They were playing for the quarterback sneak, or something inside, so we thought we would do the opposite of what they were thinking with the toss. (Before the timeout), they were in every gap, so I thought we'd take a chance on a pitch to the outside and fortunately it worked."

On Possible Field Goal Try
"The wind was blowing pretty good out there. He (Jason Elam) had it with him in the third quarter on those tries, and had it been with him, we would have considered it. But there was no doubt in my mind that we were going to go for it."

On Darrant Williams' Punt Return
"(The penalty) had nothing to do with the play. Darrant was in the end zone. For them to call it back was disappointing."

On Did He Know He Drafted This Kind Of Player
"We knew we had a great special teams player, and a great corner, meaning a corner that would compete. He loves to play and he has great speed. Even though he is 5-8, he plays like he's six-foot. I don't brag on a lot of rookies early in the season, but hopefully he will keep it up."

On The Play Of Denver's Defense
"The defense really stepped up and made plays when they had to. When guys compete like that, it really makes you feel good about the character of your team. The offense had the ball three times on their side of the 50 in the third quarter, and for them to hang in there and take care of business was great to see, especially since the offense got things going in the fourth quarter."

On LaDainian Tomlinson
"To have a chance against a great player like LaDainian Tomlinson, you have to gang tackle. You just have to keep after him. You're never going to shut a player of his caliber down, you just try to limit his big plays."
Note:Tomlinson netted just 12 yards on his last 11 carries (19-52 overall); 16 of his 19 carries were for four yards or less, with 10 for two or fewer yards including seven of his last eight carries.

CB Champ Bailey

On His Shoulder
"The first play of the game they ran right at me so I expected it. Knowing [Coach Marty] Shottenheimer, I knew they would want to test me. As far as pain, I take it one day at a time, and I really don't feel the pain during the game because my adrenaline is pumping. I feel it at the end of the game."

On the Defensive Performance
"There was nothing they were doing why we couldn't make things happen, all we had to do is just play. We dominated and we never gave up. The offense played well and scoring on defense really helps."

On his Interception
"We knew we had to make something happen. They were running and throwing all over us and I feel like I had to step up and make something happen. [Chargers QB] Drew Brees knew what coverage we were in and he didn't expect me to get to that ball. I knew he recognized the coverage, I baited him a little and I just jumped the play."

QB Jake Plummer

On the Fourth Down Conversion
"It was a gutsy call. We ran the fake to [FB] Kyle [Johnson]. We actually handed the ball to him on a play he scored his first career touchdown on. In the huddle I was thinking, ‘Oh, boy, hopefully this works'. They came down with the right defense, pinching at the ends. [WR] Rod [Smith] made a big block. [RB] Ron [Dayne] caught it and that was the most important thing, just make sure he caught it. I gave him a good ball and he did the rest. Great play call."

On the Win
"It's huge. It's huge for us to get that win at home. We were in it all game, all day. It looked like at times we were out of it, but our defense kept us in it. They [the defense] played really as good as I've ever seen a defense play. It allowed us to get back in the game. It still took us some time as an offense, took until the fourth quarter. The defense allowed our offense to hang in there, and they hung in there with us. That's what a team's all about."

On Offensive Struggles
"We started so fast [on the opening drive] and had that untimely fumble at the goal line. It hurt and we kind of fell in the tank. We can't do that. Whatever it is we have to find a way to get over it. All I know is I'm proud of the guys for hanging with me, and hanging together and not giving up."

K Jason Elam

On his Game-Winner Field Goal
"I'm always nervous. I was really nervous on that last one. You never feel calm. You just have to trust your swing and let it go. If you miss, you miss, you just have to keep your confidence."

On his Two Missed Field Goals
"I was frustrated and mad that I missed those two. I'm my biggest critic. You're never going to get into trouble for missing two fifty-yard field goals, but you want to make them. You want to help out the team. I was more frustrated than anything."

CB Darrent Williams
On the Punt Return Being Called Back
"I found out after a lot of celebration. At first, I thought it was too many men on the field, but I knew that couldn't be because I always count the players. It was crazy, but it's cool, I'm happy we won."

On the Officiating
"On the interception, I was out of bounds. The too many men on the field penalty? They're [the referees] just doing their job. Like I said, I'm just happy we won the game."

DE Trevor Pryce

On Champ Bailey's Interception
"That play he made…energized the game. As long as I've been here, I've never seen one play change a game like that."

On DE Courtney Brown
"I was just so happy for him when he got that sack. He told me before the game, ‘I haven't played in a year.' I'm just so excited for him. That's the happiest I've ever been for someone else sacking a quarterback."

RB Ron Dayne

On the Fourth Down Conversion
"It was a pitch and I just took it and ran with it. Get the first down, that was really it. It's an all or nothing play."

On his Role in the Final Drive
"I was a little surprised, especially with [RB] Mike [Anderson] playing so well. He really showed a lot of character today and showed that he's a key player for us. It was just fun getting the ball and being able to run downfield."

On Trailing at Half Time
"We were up. We really didn't get down. We were going to play hard every quarter. The defense stepped up and they won this game for us."

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