Postgame Quotes II

Full transcript of the San Diego Chargers locker room quotes following Sunday's 20-17 loss to the Denver Broncos. The Chargers now sit at 0-2 - tied with the Oakland Raiders for last place in the AFC West.

Head Coach Marty Shottenheimer

"It came down to what we thought it would come down to. We thought it would be a tough, hard fought football game. We made some plays and were terrific on defense in different situations. The bottom line is we had to make plays in the end and for the second week we didn't make them and that is disappointing. I told my football team, ‘we are a good football team right now but we have to learn how to finish the match."

On difference from last year
"We can look back and look at things overall throughout the course of the year. We have lost two games--one by four points and one by three points--to two good football teams. We can not be complacent with playing good but not winning games. We have 14 regular season games left and those are more important than the two we have already played."

On special teams
"You are one play away from having a less than solid mark and that's what happened out there."

On San Diego defense
"Our defense played their hearts out and played their tails off."

On Broncos CB Champ Bailey's interception
"Any time you give up seven points it is a problem. I haven't talked to Drew (Brees) at this point. Champ Bailey just sat down on the route. When you come out at half with the ball and you're up 14-3, and then it goes to 14-10, we (could have) shut them out and won by four. Like I said before, it's how you finish the deal."

On third down conversions (0-for-6 in second half)
"We didn't convert a single (third down) in the second half. When you get sacked like that you have to face a lot of third downs and very long."

On TE Antonio Gates
"He did a terrific job for us today. They were hanging all over the kid. He's a big target and has great hands. I'm glad he came back from suspension."

On RB LaDainian Tomlinson
"Our offensive line is not giving him a lot of space. We've played two of the best rushing defenses in the NFL. We have to examine (Tomlinson's pass catching) very closely. They played a majority of man-to-man. Only a few times they dropped into cover two. With that kind of pressure we needed to get the ball up the field into the hands of our receivers."

On Denver's defense
"I thought they were pretty aggressive in the first half and they were making plays. I don't think they changed anything at halftime."

RB LaDanian Tomlinson

On second half
"We just got outplayed. They made great adjustments and we didn't do very well adjusting ourselves."

On Denver's defensive pressure
"Until you show you can block, you can expect to see (pressure) every week."

On first touchdown run
"We ran that play one or two times and they were stacked in the box to stop the fullback. We saw that I would be wide open on the sweep."

On two close games to start the season
"We've had a chance to win both games. We could be 2-0, but we're not. They made good adjustments at halftime and did a great job with their pass rush."

On having zero receptions for the second straight week
"I guess they don't feel like they need to use me that way."

S Terrence Kiel

"We got off to a good start but we need to put it all together. The offense has to go out there and do their job, and the defense has got to go out and do their job despite the adversity we run into. We've put ourselves into a hole and we have to look forward to the rest of the season."

OT Shane Olivea

On offensive line's play
"We had way too many three-and-outs. We were up by two scores and they came back to win. We want to dominate the line. Drew (Brees) was on the floor too many times. I'm the first to say that was our fault. We have to take it one game at a time, one practice at a time. This was the worst performance we've had in the last two years."

OT Roman Oben

"There were certain situations where we didn't get it done. We take full responsibility for protecting our quarterback and giving LaDainian Tomlinson room to run. You have 60 minutes to get it done and we didn't make plays at the right times."

C Nick Hardwick

On offensive line's play
"We didn't make enough holes (for our running backs) and we didn't protect well enough. The pressure that they brought with the blitzes, I thought we covered pretty well. They put eight (men) in the box most of the time like they usually do. Our defense played pretty well but our offense left them out on the field for too long.

WR Vincent Jackson

On returning to Colorado on an NFL team
"It was an awesome feeling to walk into the stadium and actually be a player. I grew up here watching the Broncos. I wish I could have preformed today but I have to take care of myself. I want to help this team in the long run and I think we will regroup and come back next week."

DE DeQuincy Scott

"I give (Denver) credit. They made plays when they had to and we did not. We have to put this game behind us because we have a big game coming up next week."

WR Kassim Osgood

On offensive difference between halves
"I think we were more efficient in the second half but we got off to a slow start. We have to speed it up next time."

TE Antonio Gates

"We made some plays down the stretch, just not enough to win the game. We expected (Denver) to bring a lot of pressure and then made some plays. We all feel that we could have done a little more to win the game and we just have to come out hard next time. We have to continue to do the things that got us to the playoffs last year."

QB Drew Brees

On Champ Bailey's interception
"Champ Bailey just sat on the route and made a great play. You don't want to start a half like that but we still had a lot of football after that."

"We put ourselves in some bad situations with a lot of second- and third-and-longs. LT (LaDainian Tomlinson) was getting it into (Denver's defensive) backfield, but offensively we need to do better than that. Denver was bringing pressure quite a bit and they came in free a few times." br>

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