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Today's "Pick of the Posts" comes as a double dose from Boninya and Broncojef as they square off on the debate over fan booing at Mile High.

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Today's top pick is a double-dose, as Boninya and Broncojef square off over the debate of fan booing at Mile High. Congrats to both for making Today's "Pick of the Posts"

Boninya wrote -

After the first half in the SD game a lot of our fans let the team have it without holding anything back. BOOOO's rained down on them from everywhere in the stands. I could not believe what I was hearing. I thought to myself and even argued with a few people around me that this is not the way to pump up your team, this is not what a true fan does...maybe a spoiled rotten, greedy fan, but not one that has faith and hope that their team will not give up and come back out fighting. Which they did!!!

Anyways, I was watching Rod commenting on the same thing after the game and his comments were almost identical. Is this what a true fan does?

Now I know we as Bronco fans have been used to winning, especially against SD, but can we not show a little more support for our 'beloved Broncs'? Do we have to turn our backs on them when they are having a rough go at it, only to turn face again and pat them on the back when they do good?

I realize these are professional athletes we are talking about here. They make more in one year than a lot of us will see in a lifetime. They should need no more inspiration other than that, but they're human, they feed off of us as well. Isn't this what we pride ourselves on? Being great fans! Supporting our team! Being the ultimate 12th man!

Not a thorn in their side and making them feel worse than they already feel.

Broncojef wrote -

I was also at the game and I did not Boo and hate hearing it but... The frustration of watching the crap earlier against Miami and the first half were ridiculous. I hope it does get in their heads. The Boos may have inspired Coyer and the defensive speech that eventually lead to our victory.

We are a proud franchise and hold the players and coaches responsible for the product on the field. While the players may not like the Boos, tough, they play for us and should feel the heat when they play like losers.

Shanahan, and the Offense better step up and start playing or they will hear it more and more. Hopefully they all take notice and Bowlen calls them on it if they don't. Our defense won the game for us and outside the inspired 4th and inches pitch to set Elam up on the game winning field goal.

I saw again no offensive gameplan. No end arounds, very small usage of TEs (the one time Putzier caught the ball he ran for a touchdown that was called back), Jake in his normal funk over and underthrowing everyone, We had two drives start inside oppositions 40 that lead to zero points, Mike coughed up the ball at the two, and Elam missed two field goals. I can understand the Boos and if it doesn't get better they will hear more of it. Perform in Denver or we will hold you accountable!!!

I'm still not happy with this underperforming offense. The second string looked better all preseason perhaps we could give them a shot to play inspired offense.

I'm tired of guys like Devoe and Dayne tearing up the preseason only to have Shanahan never use them and watch the starters do nothing. Rod is the only guy to bring his "A" game every week. As a matter of fact why does our defense need a speech at half-time to bring their "A" game? Bring it every down or leave.

If Bowlen allows this poor performance to continue he will have very few true fans like you and I in the stand Boninya. I will never Boo them yet I can understand the frustration cause I'm there as well.

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