Wrap it up… we'll take it

Broncos Update columnist Sam DeWitt gives us a score by score account of tonight's Denver Broncos v. Kansas City game. Check it out ...

Raiders losses always put an extra pep in my step, but there is no feeling in the world like watching the Faiders start off 0-3. Do I love it? Yes, I do. Do I feel vindicated? Not until they finish the season 3-13. Then I'll feel pretty good.

I'm feeling supremely confident today, due to my fantasy team's 112-point effort (before Kennison suits up tonight), and due to the vision I had last night.

Chiefs fans will attribute it as nothing more than a dream, I'm sure. Surely, it's their worst nightmare.

Monday Night Mayhem.

Jake Plummer will throw two touchdowns. Both of them with his right hand, which is the right hand. Both of them in the first half.

Rod Smith will remind us of how great he was, and how good he still is. One touchdown for him will come on a small play that turns into a big play and will tie the game (I think Kansas City will score first, making the KC players confident and the fans unbearable). 7-7.

Ashley Lelie, recently torn apart in this space, will redeem himself, hooking up with Plummer for a loooooooooooooooooooooooong pass, and he'll jog into the endzone. 14-10, Denver.

Priest Holmes will most certainly be in the building, and will prove it with a 15 yard scamper for a TD. Chiefs fans, rejoice. Annoyance factor: +50. 17-14, KC.

Unfortunately for Broncos fans, we'll have to listen to this through the entire intermission, as we are down by three at halftime. Yuck.

After the half, the monster that is Denver's defense will awaken. There is no room for error in this matchup, as KC has a terrific team, but the Chiefs will make a mistake. Our Champ will be all over it. Interesting schemes that we've never seen before from the Broncos will force Trent Green to throw before he's ready, and we will see poor decisions from the KC QB that we haven't seen before.

Chiefs bumble. Green will fumble. And Al Wilson will rumble. Our offense will stall, however, and settle for a 30-yard field goal. Tie game (again) – 17-17.

The pressure will continue, and when the Chiefs punt in the fourth quarter, Rookie Sensation Darrent Williams (who should legally change his name to "Rookie Sensation Darrent Williams") will take it to the house. Not only will there not be too many men on the field, Denver won't even have enough. Darrent'll do it with only nine blockers. 24-17, Broncos.

Another Chiefs drive, another punt, a final opportunity to put the Chiefs in the closet and shut the door on their fans. Field goal, Elam. Ballgame, Broncos.

24-17. We'll take it to go.

Sam DeWitt has been a Bronco Fan for roughly eleventy billion years. He writes a regular column for BroncosUpdate, and can be reached via email at bumoose@gmail.com. Unless you're a Raiders fan, in which case he wishes you would just shut up. Your team is 0-3, after all.

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