Coaches Post Game

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan discusses the teams performance in a 30-10 win over division rival Kansas City Chiefs.

Mike Shanahan

"I was really pleased with the effort of our football team. Offensively, going into the game, we felt we had to establish the run. At least run the ball a little more consistently than what we have been doing, very similar to what we did in the preseason. The same thing defensively; we felt (Kansas City) was a heckuva team running the football, and they have been very consistent over the last few years. I was really pleased with the effort we gave getting to the football, which is something you have to do against a team like Kansas City."

On Special Teams Play
"Special teams played extremely hard. The effort was there and when you play like that, good things usually happen. We knew how great Dante Hall was, and to have that kind of effort and discipline on special teams gave us the opportunity for the offense to go the distance."

On Successful Misdirection Plays
"They have to commit so many people to the run, that it opens it up for the boots and bootlegs to work. You have to establish the running game, and we were able to do that and it paid off in the second half."

On Defensive Line Play
"They have been pretty consistent, except for the fourth quarter in Miami. If the D-line isn't consistent, then your defense isn't really that good. It all starts with the D-line. I was really pleased with their effort tonight and we definitely have more depth than we had a year ago."

On Scoring In The Red Zone
"It took pressure off of us as a group by scoring in the red zone. We have not been as consistent as we would like, but we will continue to keep working on it."

On Champ Bailey
"I don't know how serious it is, he will get an MRI tomorrow (Tuesday) and hopefully it's not that bad."

On The Running Game
"We have been running the ball pretty good, we just didn't do it in our first two games. We did have four games in the preseason where we ran the ball pretty good. We just have to get back to that form. It was about time that we were productive running the ball."

On Starting Darrant Williams
"We just felt Darrant has been playing consistent through camp. He's competed. He's really proved to us through the preseason and the first two regular season games that he deserved a chance to start. He took advantage of that opportunity tonight and played extremely well."

On Rod Smith
"Any time you get dinged two or three times in a game, you don't want to take that chance of putting him back in, especially with the way the score was. If the game was on the line, knowing Rod, he would have wanted to go back into the game."

On Challenging Kennison's Fourth Quarter TD
"I looked up on the board, and he didn't have possession of the ball, and I thought there was a chance he might have been down at the 1-yard line. With both of those factors, I decided to challenge the play."

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