Today's Quotes 9/28/05

Jake Plummer discusses Monday night's game against Kansas City while he prepares for this week's game against the Jaguars.


On what he takes from the game against Jacksonville last year
"Well, we moved the ball. We thought we did pretty good against them. We just had some opportunities and did not take advantage of them. They are a good defensive team and we are going to watch that film and obviously the coaches are going to game plan. We were successful moving the ball, we just didn't capitalize on the points."

On having a short week to prepare for the Jacksonville game
"I don't know. We are going to have to deal with that this week. Getting our legs back is important. We had a long wait to play Monday night, so you will be fresh for Monday night. We put it all on the line and we have just one day, yesterday to recover. Coach is working some things around, to help us recover and we will be ready. We don't have any excuses for why we wouldn't be ready to go down there and play."

On thinking about the Jacksonville game last week
"I didn't even know that we had a game to play after Monday night. I just look from week-to-week. I don't know who we have next week either; I just know we have Jacksonville. Yeah, we would like to make it a short trip, but it is what it is and we have to be ready to go down there and play. They are a tough team that is playing well, and we have to be able to execute well on both sides of the ball and special teams if we want to get a win."

On the offense performing better against Kansas City
"It is something that we can build on; We did not get the answers to everything. We were still not good on third-down. So, there are some areas that we need to improve on, like the red zone, we want to be more efficient even down there. Putting up points is always great, moving the ball the way we did, but we know this is a great defense we are facing this week. We have to go out there and try to do the same thing and obviously the run game is where it starts, you got to get the running game going."

On how he feels about running the bootleg
"I feel good out of the pocket. I have been doing that since I first started playing football in Pop Warner. It is something that I feel really comfortable doing. Standing in the pocket is key for me too, to make the right reads, but when we are running the ball well, the defense is going to go after the run and we should have the edge. It gives you a chance to run and throw the ball well. Either way, it should be a positive play. "

On the Jacksonville defense
"They are just really physical up front. They have a great front four, linebackers are fast and they play safe coverages. They don't let you get anything down field and they haven't given up any big plays. You have to patient against a team like this. Establishing the run is going to be a challenge. They are very stout inside and it is going to be a big challenge for our line, but if we can get the running game going, we may have a chance to get something down field. It is a good defense and we are going to have to be patient. It is probably not going to be a big play for a touchdown kind of game. It is going to seven or eight plays for scores. So, we have to know going into the game that we have to take what they give us."

On how he looks at the loss to Jacksonville last year
"I don't look back at the past."

On the calling of the bootleg
"For me, I am running the plays and (offensive coordinator Gary) Kubiak is upstairs seeing what they are doing on the backside. If I am booting out after the run without the ball and there is never anybody there, I will come over and say, ‘Hey, the boot should be there,' but it is about picking your moments. Gary does a great job of finding those times and picking the right times and they covered me a couple times last week, but there were quick throws so I could get rid of it and let someone make a play."

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