Open Letter to Kansas City Fans

Columnist Sam DeWitt humbly apologizes to Kansas City fans about the Denver Broncos big win over the Chiefs.

Dear Kansas Citiens, and other fans of the Chiefs:

I'm sorry Denver tore you to pieces Monday Night on national television.

I'm sorry half of your fans have the combined intellect of a tree and came on the Hardcore Message Board boasting mere hours before kickoff.

I'm sorry Willie Roaf was not available to play; surely that was the reason your supremely confident and supremely talented team didn't win. After all, the intensity of one player (who weighs in at roughly 2,273 pounds) often has a lot to do with the performance of an entire squad, and he probably could have blocked our entire D-line all by himself. Right? Right.

(Did you see that guy on the sideline Monday night? My God! He's huge! Whoever said "No man is an island" obviously has never seen Willie Roaf in a swimming pool.)

I'm sorry Jake Plummer, the human interception, didn't throw one into danger for you to take away, and made you look foolish all night with bootleg after bootleg (Haven't you guys figured that play out yet?) and rollout pass after rollout pass.

I'm sorry you think you were wronged by the officials simply because you committed more penalties than we did. One thing I've learned in all my years covering football: Just because one team commits a disgusting amount of penalties doesn't mean the other team has to keep up. Good teams don't. You did, we didn't. Get over it.

I'm sorry that everyone on the Broncos sideline short of the waterboy caught a ball (including Cecil Sapp! GO BABY GO! Did you guys know that he's our second string FULLBACK? He's like the Darko Milicik of the NFL, and he caught a pass. Oh, sorry, that was mean too... can't help it!).

I'm sorry that the illustrious quitter,. Eddie Kennison, had a not-a-touchdown ruled as such by the refs. You're probably right... Shanahan probably should have just let them have the six because, as I'm sure you know, there's nothing riding on this game at all. And why run up the score?

I'm sorry for poor little Trent "I look like a five year old when I'm wearing a helmet" Green. You guys are right: he really is GREAT. All those no-look bounce passes brought back wonderful reminders of the career of one Earvin "Magic" Johnson.

I'm sorry Dante Hall didn't get the necessary block in the back in order to run a punt back against us. Honestly, what were your guys thinking, playing fair in the one aspect of the game that could have saved you against a far-superior team?

I'm sorry the Mile High Mystique is too much for you to handle. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

There are 5,280 reasons why you lost this game, and every single one of them starts with the fact that the Broncos are really good this year. Miami seems like a year ago. The entire season is in front of us, and we look damn good. We served notice on national television that A) our Defensive Unit (the Bruise Brothers) is much better than anyone gave them credit for, even me, and B) your entire team was incredibly overrated after wins against two teams that have a combined record of 1-5. Sorry, but beating two teams who beat themselves as often as Oakland and the New York Jets, even beating them soundly, doesn't really matter when you're going up against a real team, like the Denver Broncos.

Don't be mad at me, or the rest of Broncos Nation, when we say we have a better team than you do. 30-10 says it pretty clearly to me, but hey… you've got several months to figure out how to stop the bootleg (since you haven't stopped it in three years, I have no worries), block our D-line (didn't see it Monday), do something to slow down our running game (injured Mike Anderson ran for 98 yards against you. 98!), intercept a pass from Jake Plummer, and turn Eddie Kennison into a real football player. Good luck to all of you.

Kansas City, it's been fun. Have a great rest of the season, and I'll see you in December.


Sam DeWitt

PS: I'm not really sorry. Deal with it.

Sam DeWitt is a regular columnist for BroncosUpdate and lives in Denver. Yes, he really is planning on being in Kansas City for the December matchup at Arrowhead. Yes, he will be wearing his throwback Atwater jersey. He can be reached at

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