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The Denver Broncos let defensive end Reggie Hayward go to Jacksonville in free agency, but gained four defensive linemen at a lower price. Read how it's turned out in today's news reports.

No Hayward no problem for defense - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
09/29/2005 - On the eve of free agency, the Broncos knew they had an issue percolating on their defensive line. They had limited resources to address this area in need of major retooling. "We knew we had to be resourceful," general manager Ted Sundquist said. "We just needed to figure exactly how we were going to pull it off." What the Broncos accomplished could become part of the NFL manual on salary cap survival. Essentially, Denver pulled a four-for-one payroll swap, exchanging pass-rushing end Reggie Hayward for a new line that coach Mike Shanahan and defensive coordinator Larry Coyer call the most talented and productive group they have had in Denver.

Hamstring might not leave Bailey hamstrung - Denver Post - Mike Klis
09/29/2005 - When is a hamstring not the same as a hamstring? When the hamstring pulls from the left leg of Broncos star cornerback Champ Bailey. Yes, Bailey missed the preseason with a strained left hamstring. Yes, he strained his left hamstring again Monday night in the Broncos' blowout victory against the Kansas City Chiefs. No, Bailey and Broncos coach Mike Shanahan don't think it would be foolish for Bailey to play Sunday at Jacksonville. "It's not in the same spot," Shanahan said. "Big difference." No one questions Bailey's toughness. He has started all 99 games in his NFL career. "We anticipate playing him," Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said.

Legwork for Bailey - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
September 29, 2005 - The hurdle is higher. And try jumping over it with a bad hamstring. Champ Bailey practiced three days after dislocating his left shoulder in the Denver Broncos' opener Sept. 11 and returned an interception for a touchdown in the next game, Sept. 18 against the San Diego Chargers. But his left hamstring injury is a different matter; it can't be harnessed like his shoulder. Getting a cortisone shot before a game to dull the pain only increases the possibility of suffering a tear, though Bailey has received an injection to try to reduce swelling. So the best Bailey can hope for is he's a fast healer as the Broncos began preparations Wednesday without him for the Jacksonville Jaguars (11 a.m. MDT Sunday, CBS 4).

Hayward, Broncos planning to make ends meet - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
September 29, 2005 - The Denver Broncos looked through the window at free agency this off-season, studied their shopping list and then did the math. They could have a Reggie Hayward. Quality model at defensive end, they thought, but for 22 sacks in his 47 games with the Broncos, it was going to be a little too pricey. So the Broncos decided to spend their money elsewhere. "I don't think I was disappointed," Hayward said. "I think they went to every length that they could go through to keep me in there. It was one of those things, a cap casualty, I guess. I don't think they didn't keep me for personal reasons, I don't think they had enough money to spread around. Those sort of things happen. "That's the nature of the business. What can you say?"

Vermeil in no mood for Bailey's lip service - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
September 29, 2005 - Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey believes everybody should be able to handle the truth. Kansas City coach Dick Vermeil spent at least some of his Tuesday media gathering to vent regarding comments Bailey made during the Broncos' 30-10 victory Monday night against the Chiefs. Bailey wore a microphone during the game as part of the Monday Night Football broadcast and at one point said, "The way they played up there in Kansas City (in 2004), it ain't the same, though." He also said, "They're playing a little different. They're not playing as hard. I ain't going to relax, though."

Hayward settling in with Jags - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
September 29, 2005 — Jacksonville had already assembled one of the best defensive lines in the NFL with Marcus Stroud, John Henderson and Paul Spicer in the fold entering the offseason. Yet the franchise — on the first day of free-agency in March — decided to open up the vault and give Reggie Hayward a five-year, $25 million contract that included a $10 million signing bonus. It's amazing what 101/2 sacks for Denver last season, including three against a thin Tennessee offensive line, meant for Hayward's financial future. "I don't think (the Broncos) didn't keep me for personal reasons. I don't think they had enough money to spread around," Hayward said on Wednesday. "Those sort of things happen. That's the nature of the business. What can you say?" Goodbye.

Bailey refuses to back off - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
September 29, 2005 — Controversy and injury are two things Champ Bailey has been able to avoid during a brilliant start to his NFL career. But the Broncos' Pro Bowl cornerback has been in the spotlight this week as head coaches from Denver, Kansas City and Jacksonville spend at least part of their day worrying about his aching body and/or sharp tongue. For obvious reasons, Mike Shanahan and Jack Del Rio — busy preparing for Sunday's Broncos-Jaguars rematch at Alltell Stadium (11 a.m., Channel 4) — are monitoring Bailey's status after he suffered a painful left hamstring injury during Monday's night's 30-10 victory over the Chiefs.

Williams solidifies job security - Longmont Daily Times-Call - Pat Graham
9/28/2005 — Peering through a tiny crack in a sea of reporters, Denver Broncos cornerback Lenny Walls tried to make eye contact with fellow corner Darrent Williams. When Williams looked in his vicinity, Walls simply put his fingers to his ear and mouth and mimed, "Call me." Williams acknowledged he understood by a shake of the head and a huge grin. "That's my boy right there," Williams said following Denver's 30-10 rout of Kansas City on Monday Night Football. "We hang out all the time." You'd think taking someone's starting job would put a strain on a friendship. But that's not the case. Even though Williams supplanted Walls as the starter against the Chiefs, you'd never know there were any sour grapes talking to Walls.

Notebook: Ankle Sidelines Darrent Williams - - Andrew Mason
Wednesday, September 28, 2005 - When the Broncos strolled onto the practice field for the afternoon's work on a cool, gray early-autumn day, they did so without both of their starting cornerbacks. Champ Bailey sat out with his hamstring injury, but rookie Darrent Williams also missed the day's work with a sprained right ankle, although he is still listed as probable on the injury report. Bailey is officially deemed questionable. Their injuries, coupled with a hamstring problem that kept Roc Alexander out, left the Broncos short three cornerbacks Wednesday.

Bailey Hamstrung, But Healing - - Andrew Mason
Wednesday, September 28, 2005 - When Champ Bailey gingerly left the Broncos' home field Monday night, he thought his left hamstring was torn and his season was over just three weeks after it began. "The way I felt, yeah," Bailey said. "I felt like my leg was going to fall apart." The Tuesday MRI examination revealed otherwise, and now the Broncos and Bailey -- listed as questionable on the official injury report -- play wait-and-see. "I don't think he'll even try to go until Friday," said Head Coach Mike Shanahan. "He might not even be able to go Friday." Shanahan said that Bailey received an injection in the area, which Bailey first injured early in training camp. He subsequently sat out the Broncos' entire preseason slate before returning to game action against the Miami Dolphins in Week 1. He then dislocated his left shoulder just after halftime but returned the following week.

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