Broncos Post Game Quotes

Check out what the Denver Broncos players had to say following their 20-7 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Broncos Post Game Quotes

QB Jake Plummer
(following the win): "We knew it would be tough down here. We wanted to control the ball. We moved it early and didn't come away with any points, but we were able to capitalize later with some turnovers from them. We were a lot better on third down conversions today. Our young guys deserve a lot credit today on defense. Without them, we don't do it today."

(on no turnovers) "We wanted to take good care of the football today because we knew we were going against a defense that creates a lot of turnovers. To come out and be on the positive end of the turnover margin is huge."

(on two touchdown passes to offensive guard Dwayne Carswell) "He's got the best hands on the team next to Rod (Smith). We knew he could catch the ball, having done it for us in the past as a tight end -- a former Pro Bowl tight end for that matter!"

RB Mike Anderson
(on Denver's success running the football): "The whole objective was to run the ball. We wanted to take the three, four and five-yard gains as much as we could. Whenever the defense is on the field as long as the Jaguars were, we knew we'd have some opportunities there. My main thing was to pick up enough yardage to get first downs and keep the chains moving. Jacksonville's front four made it tough on us all day. We were fortunate to get what we did and it's a great win after a quick turnaround."

(on TD pass plays to Carswell) "Looking at the film over and over, the coaches saw something there and put it in. It worked. He (Dwayne Carswell) deserves all the praise. As a matter of fact, everyone on the offensive line deserves a lot of praise."

G Dwayne Carswell
(on TD catches): "I was in the right spot at the right time. This play was designed for a while and whenever the coaches call it, we're hopefully ready for it. I know I'll be ready whenever they need to call it. We have so many goal line plays we run and that's one that we work on in practice. I didn't know it was coming today, but they called it and it worked out for us."

DE Ebenezer Ekuban
(on fumble recovery from Jacksonville QB Byron Leftwich): "Al Wilson had pressure on him and I had to play his max protection. I was fortunate enough to get in there and make the play. One thing we noticed in watching film was that he (Leftwich) takes a lot of time and has a five to seven-step drop. We knew to win the game, we had to take advantage of that. He holds the ball a long time, it seems, and the goal was to put great pressure on him so he might make some mistakes."

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