Broncos v. Jaguars Report Card

The longest pass the Denver Broncos completed against the Jacksonville Jaguars was 14 yards, but there were no interceptions. Check out how the passing game graded as well as the other phases of the game in the Broncos Report Card.


-- There wasn't a completed pass of more than 14 yards, but the Broncos get a passing grade because Jake Plummer didn't throw any passes to the Jaguars. The Broncos are not taking many chances on offense because their defense is playing so well and their running game is coming around.

RUSHING OFFENSE: A -- Not many teams control the game on the ground against Jacksonville, but Denver did. They rushed for 188 yards and ate up the clock. That kept Denver's defense fresh for the second half. Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell each look like they'll contribute a lot this season.

PASS DEFENSE: A -- Considering that the Broncos were without both starting cornerbacks, they did a phenomenal job. Jaguars quarterback Byron Leftwich had 240 yards, but a lot of that came late and only a 45-yard touchdown to Jimmy Smith hurt the Broncos. Denver intercepted two passes.

RUSH DEFENSE: A -- The Broncos allowed only 12 rushing yards on 11 carries. They took the Jaguars out of their game plan early, even though they didn't take a two-touchdown lead until the final minute of the first half. Jacksonville simply didn't have anywhere to run and abandoned their running game.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C-minus -- The Broncos missed a couple of field goals in the first quarter, but it didn't ultimately hurt them, and Jason Elam rebounded to hit two big field goals in the fourth quarter. There weren't many big plays for or against the Broncos in the return game.

COACHING: A -- The Broncos had a Patriot-like coaching effort. They used just about everyone on the roster to pull out a win. They had rookies playing key roles in the secondary with both starting cornerbacks out, but the rookies were prepared well. The coaches pushed the right buttons and their offensive game plan worked well.

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