Today's Quotes 10/5/05

Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer discusses this week's game against the Washington Redskins. Check out the full transcripts from today's media session.

Jake Plummer

On WR Ashley Lelie's production
"We are missing opportunities. Whether it is me under throwing (wide receiver) Ashley (Lelie) or just not getting on the same page. I don't want to panic and I don't want to get to worried. I know that Ashley wants the ball, and I want to get him the ball. There have been a few opportunities and it just hasn't panned out. It is one of those things, just like in others areas, that we have to work on. We have to keep practicing it and get better at it. If you make it an issue, I can't be squeezing the ball and he can't be running the perfect route, we just have to let it happen. Last year, they happened and hopefully we can get on track here and start making some big plays."

On the lack of big plays this season
"Some of the defenses that we have faced have tried to eliminate that and have tried to eliminate those opportunities as much. Last week, we knew that we were going to have to be patient. We knew we might have a couple shots and we did have a couple shots that we did not come up with, but we knew that it was a team that was going to make us work for everything. Week-to-week, it depends on what kind of defense that you played. A team that gambles a lot and blitzes a lot, you might have more opportunities than you would with a team that is confident in their ability to stop the run, that will play a two deep shell the whole game."

On the play calling of Broncos Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak
"They do a great job of calling those big plays for me. Most of them are going to be called when they see that they are pretty much sure, maybe not 100 percent, but maybe 90 percent sure that it is going to be there. So I have to trust, and Kubiak makes the call and if it comes through, look at the post and throw it. There are a lot of times that they can tell me that and the only reason I wouldn't is because I saw something completely different. It is one of those deals, hopefully the big plays will start coming. It can't be an issue for us to start pressing about it. We are moving the ball decent, if we have some big plays, we would be putting up more yardage, but those plays will come."

On the lack of turnovers committed by the offense this season
"Last week for example, we knew that they were bringing the rush pretty good. So, all week we preached get rid of the ball quick. If there is nothing open, try to get up to the line of scrimmage or take off and run. There were a couple times and one time in particular where I could have gone to a wide route, but I made the decision to take off. That front four that we faced (against Jacksonville) were active, and there would be a lane that I would try to go through and it would be shutdown. My thing was to protect the ball. There are certain periods in the game where that is good, but there are times when I have to get through the whole progression. Obviously, that is week-to-week. I was going to be spot with the ball because I knew that if we gave them a chance with turnovers. We did not want to do that, give there offense a short field. We wanted to make sure that their offense earned everything against our defense."

On making better decisions and keeping the offense in the game
"This offense is geared to that. Now with the big plays kind of lacking, we are going to have to control the ball and continue to make third-down and fourth-downs. We are going to have to stay on the field and make these first downs and try not to hurt ourselves and pass on first down. A key for me is to get through my progressions and if someone is open, get the ball to him. If not, lets stay second and 10 and not second and 15. I can do that a couple of ways, throwing the ball away or just getting back to the line of scrimmage or just finding a seam and getting a few yards running."

On the confidence and team feelings in the locker room
"We know you cannot get too excited. We have won three in a row and after the start it is nice. After the first one it was doom and gloom, ‘the Broncos were the worst team in the league,' and now we have won three against some pretty quality opponents. We know that we haven't accomplished anything and what we want to accomplish is way down the road. We have the right leaders and the right guys on this team to approach and practice right each week. We have to wipe out whatever we are and whatever we did in the week prior and get ready for another tough game. I think last week was a good sign of that. We played Kansas City on Monday night and we played really good and beat them, but we knew that we had a tough, tough game against Jacksonville. We were able to get refocused and come back and get a big win down there. A big win is only good if you stack them. That big win in Jacksonville, no one will say anything about it if we loss this weekend to the Redskins."

On his improvement at holding on field goals
"It is one of those things where I am trying to put the ball down quickly for him and just give him the chance to make a field goal. When he (K Jason Elam) missed the field goal, I feel like it is partly my fault, but he will say otherwise. That is like anybody that is a man in this game; he is not going to blame me. I feel like I am putting the holds down pretty well and he seems comfortable back there, so it is going to continue to get better and better the more I work on it. I have really worked on it more than I have in the last eight years in the last couple of weeks. Holding in between periods, putting the ball down and getting the seams put out and just getting everything set up right. We'll get better at that."

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