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Today's "Pick of the Posts" is a double dose by JJ2391, with an excellent opinion on the lack of respect the so-called "experts" give the Denver Broncos and an off-beat, yet very funny announcement about the Kansas City Chiefs - Remember it's all in Fun.

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Today's top pick is a double dose from from JJ2391, who comments on the lack of respect from the so-called experts and a hilarious take on the Kansas City Chiefs....

We've seen many interesting developments this season, but what stands out to me most is how the "experts" on all the major networks and sports outlets have been so completely wrong thus far in the young season.

Everyone was ready to go ahead and notch another Lombardi trophy for the Patriots(which could still happen, I guess), but realistically, I have laughed myself silly watching people like Boomer Esiason, Shannon Sharpe, and numerous other former players miss the mark completely. Last Sunday, everyone on CBS's pre-game panel picked Jacksonville to beat Denver.

These are the same people who ooh and ahh over Dick Vermeil's Kansas City offense, who say what a genius Marty Schottenheimer is in San Diego, and yet they miss the substantive evidence that counters what they say. Perhaps the most over-rated coach in all of sports worldwide is Mike Martz - another "genius" who has guided his team to mediocrity on a regular basis.

Pre-season, all the experts picked Denver to finish last in the AFC West. So we're only 4 games into the season, but there is quantifiable evidence that the Broncos, thus far, are hardly cellar-dwellers in the AFC, let alone the AFC West.

So it got me thinking about Mike Shanahan and what they say about him. He is consistent in his approach to game-planning, and it is undeniable that he does many things well. But I do not believe the media gives him enough credit for the bold moves he made in the off-season to improve the defense, and therefore the entire team by osmosis.

The criticism from all around the league could basically be paraphrased by saying "what makes Shanahan think these guys will play any better for Denver than they did for Cleveland"? Well, between a change of scenery, newer, better schemes, and being surrounded by a core of veterans who know how to win, they have exceeded most expectations.

About the only think that all of the experts have gotten right this season is the plight of the hapless Packers...and who could not have seen that coming from 20 miles away?

So when you sit in front of the TV this Sunday and hear the experts heap praise upon the un-beaten Redskins and talk about how good their defense is, remember, they said many of the same things about Jacksonville last week, about KC two weeks ago, and about San Diego three weeks ago.

Meanwhile the lunch-pail-carrying Broncos will go out there and smash some mouths again this week, and likely nobody will notice. Come the end of the season, if the Broncos can stay healthy and motivated, we could be looking at a real legitimate playoff run...maybe then these "experts" will get it.


Overland Park, Kansas:The Kansas City Chiefs have just announced that the team is offering free Oregami lessons to children of all ages in the greater Kansas City area during their bye week.

This is the most exciting Oregami news to break in the last 25 years, said Noriyuki Sato, president of the International Oregami Foundation.

When asked why they were offering this service to the community, head coach Dick Vermeil said..."listen...we are all about folding. It's just what we do best and we want to share that with the people." Vermiel then broke into tears and had to be sedated.

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