Post Game Quotes

Mike Shanahan and various players discuss today's 21-19 win over the Washington Redskins. Check out the full transcripts.

"It was nice to win a game that way. Washington did a good job on both sides of the ball, as well as special teams. I'm proud of the way our team kept fighting and made plays when we had to make them."

On Broncos Running Back Tatum Bell
"He stepped up today, and when he had his opportunities he took advantage of them. We knew he had those type of abilities, he has just been hampered by injuries. It was good to see him do well."

On Broncos Cornerback Champ Bailey
"We really weren't sure if he would be able to go today. After testing it out, we saw that he couldn't go full-speed, so we went in a different direction. If it would have been perfect out you still don't know. It was a little tougher in these conditions."

On Broncos Cornerback Domonique Foxworth
"He played great. Another great game for him. When he went out of the game, we really missed him. I was really pleased with the way he played and the level he played at."

On the Safety Challenge
"You could see right away that it was the tuck rule. I didn't think the official had a real good angle because he wasn't looking at the quarterback, but the replay showed it right away."

On Washington Defense Playing the Run
"They played a quarters defense, and played a good seven-man front with their corners in a man-to-man defense. You have to play really well to have success against that defense, especially in those conditions."

Jake Plummer
"Not every victory you get is going to be pretty, but a win is a win. It's a good win for us in the freezing cold and I'm just glad we got the ‘W.'

"This was a tough team we played. Our defense stopped them on that two-point conversion and that was the play of the game."

Trevor Pryce
On penetrating into the Redskin's backfield
"It was like trying to penetrate Ft. Knox with nine people standing there. They wanted to give [Redskins QB Mark] Brunell as much time as possible."

On the Two-Point Conversion in the Fourth Quarter
"The two-point conversion is a tough play to make. You need to have God on your side. Luckily we had [LB Ian] Gold on our side. It was a great play on his part because the receiver was wide open."

Ebenezer Ekuban
"We can't worry about who we play. It comes down to how we play as individuals and how we work together as a team. It feels good to be 4-1, but we still have to build on this and correct our mistakes to get better."

Darrent Williams
"It doesn't matter if we win by one or 21, we're just glad to get the victory."

On the Redskins last drive
"They were driving on us and unfortunately, we had some untimely penalties, but we just kept fighting. [The stop on the two-point conversion] was a great play to win the game for us."

On Coming Back from his Injury
"I was able to play the whole game, and I felt good. It felt like I was 100 percent out there."

Domonique Foxworth
On Starting In Place of Injured Champ Bailey
"They told me today that I was going to be starting. I just had to step up and come out and play my game."

On Facing Redskins WR Santana Moss
"I think I match up well against guys like him. He's fast and I'm fast. When it comes down to it, I just have to let my skills and technique take over."

Tatum Bell
On the First Touchdown
"That's how the play was designed: a jab step and a little option pitch to the left. The defensive end stepped out and I just cut back, used my vision, and it was a footrace from there."

On Running In the Rain
"You have to pay more attention to the ball, ball security, and keeping a good grip. You have to be more under control. I slipped a couple plays and I really couldn't keep my balance. You just have to be under control."

On Running the Ball
"We got off to a good start running the ball. Our passing game struggled a little. As a running back you want the ball, especially in conditions like that."

On Limited Playing Time as a Reserve
"I just have to be patient and wait my turn. My coaches have been on me a lot about breaking and not taking it the distance. I told them, the next time I will take it the distance and just go all out."

On Showing his Ability
"The coaches know what I can do. I just have to keep pushing [RB] Mike [Anderson], and wait on my chance. I need to work on being more consistent in practice. Blocking, running, practice; just more consistent. Mike is still the starter, so, obviously he's doing something I'm not doing. I just have to keep working. I don't want to just be a ‘one-game-wonder'. I want to be the starter."

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