Pick of the Posts - Monday, Oct. 10

Bighungry71 takes a look at the Denver Broncos' 20-19 win over the Washington Redskins.

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Today's top pick is from from Bighungry71, who posts his observations on the Broncos' 20-19 win over the Washington Redskins.

Week 5 Observations

1. Wins are Wins, ugly or not

2. That was an UGLY win!!

3. I said it in the preseason and I think it still holds true. This team will only go as far as Jake takes them. I love the 4-1 Start but I don't love Jake's play so far. Game after game Jake leaves big plays on the field. Yesterday it was long passes to Lelie and Smith, Granted one of the two passes to Lelie was dropped but it still holds true. I know the weather sucked but this is a reoccuring problem. Unless they get the passing game together this looks like a 10-6 team that loses in the first round of the playoffs again.

4. I know the defense didn't sack Brunell.....I'm not worried. They applied some pressure using four and five guys pass rushing with 6 or 8 pass blocking. You can't expect to get pressure against that.

5. Clinton Portis is still a great back. I know he was out rushed by Bell but run for run yard for yard I still like Portis better. That doesn't mean that I don't like the trade, Corners like Champ are hard to find and Bell is a good back. All in all we got the better end of that one

6. Is it just me or is this the most inconsistent year of officiating on record. I'm not blaming losses or wins on officiating but it does seem like there is a devout lack of consistency.

7. Seventh and final point. Rod Smith is the man! After that third down catch where he stretched for the first I just sat and shook my head. I think the league should hire Rod to speak at the rookie symposium after he retires. Maybe he can help all those young men realize what class and hard work will get you. What a great FOOTBALL player.


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