Broncos News Blogs - Wednesday, Oct. 12

The New England Patriots are next up for the Denver Broncos. Read how the Super Bowl Champs are coping with player injuries in today's news reports.

It's one step at a time for Pats - Denver Post - Anthony Cotton
10/12/2005 - The New England Patriots pride themselves on their perspective, a quality that, like their collective blandness, serves the team well in any number of situations. Win two Super Bowls? So what, it has nothing to do with today. Lose eight starters from a year ago, including defensive linchpins Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison? Too bad, but we'll make do with what we have. Even in the face of the team's latest opportunity to say "I told you so," traveling to Atlanta last weekend - where, despite their numerous personnel hits, they topped the once-beaten Falcons - perspective would not allow New England to gloat.

Style points? No, but Pats come close - Denver Post - Domonique Foxworth
10/12/2005 - Not all wins are ideal, but they are wins nonetheless. Sunday's victory may not have been as convincing as some of our others, but they all count the same. Defensively, at times our play was almost as sloppy as the weather. Fortunately, this team is blessed with veteran leaders who won't stand for inconsistent play. There has been even more emphasis placed on attention to detail and knowing individual assignments.

Brown plays close to home - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
10/12/2005 - Chad Brown was interested in joining the Broncos in the offseason. It might have been a nice way for the former Colorado star, who is still part of the Denver community, to wind down his career. However, Brown found what he considered a perfect situation: playing for the Super Bowl champions. After parting ways with Seattle, Brown signed with New England and is starting at linebacker, a vital role as the team adjusts without Tedy Bruschi. "There has been a lot of challenges, moving to inside linebacker, moving to a 3-4 defense and moving my family across country," said Brown, who returns to Denver with the Patriots on Sunday. "But the carrot of winning a Super Bowl championship was a great opportunity."

Plummer playing in fade pattern - Denver Post - Mark Kiszla
10/12/2005 - Hey, didn't you used to be Jake Plummer? The Snake has been changed into a mouse. Eek! The Broncos have done what was long believed impossible for a quarterback who lives in football-crazy Denver. They have made Plummer invisible. Around here, quarterback has been transformed from glamour position to grunt work. The Denver passing attack has been grounded faster than a teenager busted for a bong in the underwear drawer. In coach Mike Shanahan's game plan, Plummer is now regularly asked to make the same number of plays as Miles the Mascot, who wears an inflatable horse head to the stadium.

Oh, the humanity: Broncos pass rush gets thwarted - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
October 12, 2005 - Sometimes, easy is only for other people. The Denver Broncos know they can rush the passer with their retooled defensive front, but it seems plenty of other folks also have become aware. To keep the Broncos rushers at bay, the Washington Redskins on Sunday often cocooned quarterback Mark Brunell behind a sea of humanity that included five offensive linemen, two tight ends and one running back. The Miami Dolphins tinkered with such a ploy in the opener, and it's all but certain the New England Patriots and the rest of the teams remaining on the Broncos schedule at least will consider it.

Kickin' It - Denver - Andrew Mason
Wednesday, October 12, 2005 - When the Broncos traded for Todd Sauerbrun, it stood to reason that prodigious numbers would follow. From 2001-03, he'd become the only punter to lead a conference in gross punting average for three consecutive years, and then barely missed leading the NFC in 2004. His 47.5-yard average in 2001 was the highest for any NFL punter since 1963. He also accomplished those numbers playing for the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, N.C., elevation 748 feet. What could he do in the mile-high air of Denver? The answer has borne itself out in the season to date -- 11 punts at INVESCO Field at Mile High for a 47.1-yard average. But he's continued to flourish away from Denver, as well, with 11 punts for a 46.5-yard average. For the entire season to date, he's fourth in the league with a 46.8-yard average, which, if it holds up, would be his highest since that 2001 season. So altitude isn't everything.

Bell's Day: A Long Time Coming - Denver - Andrew Mason
Tuesday, October 11, 2005 - For Tatum Bell, Sunday was a year and a half in the making. It was a day where the promise he displayed for so long -- but had been delayed in its game-day fruition by injuries and other factores -- became reality, a day where his gamebreaking runs carried the Broncos offense and pointed the way to a victory. Bell's 34- and 55-yard touchdown runs were the two longest plays of the Broncos' 21-19 win over the Redskins, and helped the team break out in front for leads of 7-0 and 21-10, respectively. They changed the tempo of the game, forcing the Redskins and their highly-ranked defense into spending the soggy afternoon playing catch-up.

Nate Jackson's Journal: Deconstructing the Game - Denver - Nate Jackson
Tuesday, October 11, 2005 - Time to dust off the old keyboard. Five weeks into the 2005 football season, your humble narrator is back at the helm, manning the command center, spilling his metaphors, chasing down his elusive thoughts and branding them onto the back side of progression. Stay with me for a minute. At the risk of overanalyzing our season thus far, I'll refrain from pretentious NFL Primetime breakdowns and gluttonous Monday morning quarterback yap fests. What happens when you analyze every tiny nook and cranny and in and out of every step that every man takes of every moment on a football field? It turns into a science.

Bronco Dan's Week 5 Fantasy Review - Denver - Bronco Dan
Tuesday, October 11, 2005 - How about Tatum Bell? It's great to see a Bronco dominate the fantasy gridiron for the first time this season. I wonder how many fantasy owners had Bell on the bench this past weekend. Moving on, how about Mr. Tom Brady? It seems like the Pats haven't lost back-to-back games since 1957, give or take a few seasons, and Brady wasn't about to let his team drop two in a row. He finished 22-of-27 for 350 yards and three touchdowns. Wow!

Drive For Life - Denver - Jennifer Tavlian
Tuesday, October 11, 2005 - When the Broncos get hit on the field, bleeding is just part of the job. On Tuesday at INVESCO Field at Mile High, several hundred people showed up to donate blood as part of Drive For Life VIII. "It's been phenomenal," Senior Vice President of Bonfils Blood Center Jessica Maitland said. "We've already seen, by 11:30, more than 150 first-time donors, which is one of the primary goals of this event. It's very exciting. Last year we saw 2,662 people walk through the door and we're hoping to beat that number. It looks like we're on track. We've seen more than 600 people and we're hoping those trends continue throughout the day."

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