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Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer looks to put up some big plays against the New England Patriots, but the question is can he get it done? Check out the full transcripts from today's media session.

Jake Plummer

On the chance for big plays against the Patriots this week
"There are going to be some opportunities, and hopefully we can create that in many ways. Whether it is off of the boot game or the play action game or just man-to-man catching their blitzes, knowing that they are going to be in man. They are a great ball club, very sound. They have had some injuries, but they are still playing at a very high level. They are the defending Super Bowl Champs, so you have to get yourself ready to play and know that they are not going to come out here and lose the game themselves. We are going to have to win this one right here. You are going to have to do everything that you can to make sure that we come out of this one victorious."

On the importance of this game
"Well, there is a lot of football left, but obviously it is an AFC team. Down the road, they are not in our division, but the AFC wins can help us in the case of a close finish in our division. We just want to keep rolling from week-to-week. We are not thinking down that far. We're just thinking that we need to go out and take care of what we have to do this weekend, which is to try and get this win against the Patriots."

On how familiar he is with the Patriots
"Over the years, watching them play, I have seen them play in the playoffs and Super Bowls. We have seen a team that is just determined to win, some how and some way. One of their players will make a play or do something and change the game. (Patriots Quarterback Tom) Brady at this moment, as far as field general, is probably the best in the game. He just runs that offense so well. We are not worried about that side of the ball though, because our defense has to worry about them. We just know that on defense, they do a lot of stuff. They do a lot of moving around from 3-4 to 4-3 and they mix it up with the blitz, man and zone. So you just have to be on top of things and know your reads and know them really well and get rid of the ball because they have quality across the board. They have won (the Super Bowl) three of the last four years and to not have them be the measuring stick, that would be downplaying how good they are. We are not saying that they are the best team to ever play the game or that they are unbeatable, but we know what it is going to take to get it done."

On game planning against the Patriots
"They have great coaching and they have some really smart guys out there. They are going to have a game plan for us. They know what we do. We try to establish the run, play action, get me out of the pocket, so whatever they are going to try to do to stop that, we have to adjust to that. We will have a great game plan ready for them and we will see how the game goes. It comes down to the basic stuff. If we run the ball well, stay on the field and start converting those third-downs and scoring in the red zone, we can just let our defense do what they can do against their offense and we should be able to come out with a win."

On Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

"He is a great quarterback, and he has done some amazing things. He is very clutch at the end of ballgames. He has taken them down the field many times when they are written off and they still get the victory. That is the sign of a quarterback to me. If you can win the easy one, but when you go to go down there and make those plays in the fourth quarter to win ballgames and he has done it on the grand stage, too. As far as the start of his career, ‘Where does it go from here?' If he doesn't win another Super Bowl for seven or eight years, which I don't see happening, because he is such a great leader and great quarterback, it would be tough for him, winning three already. He is a great quarterback, and he is doing really well. "

On being familiar with Tom Brady
"Occasionally we will catch some of the film where they are playing another opponent. Then you do sometimes study the other guys. He doesn't really dazzle you and he is not really flashy. He is very good in the pocket, very good at getting rid of the ball quickly, knowing where he is going and just reading the defenses and knowing your offense. They run a really good offense around him and like I said, he usually makes plays for them."

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