Denver Broncos News Blogs - Sunday, Oct. 16

Will the Denver Broncos rise to the challenge of facing the Defending Champion New England Patriots today at Invesco Field. Read all about it in today's Bronco News Blogs.

Broncos beat Patriots to the punch on Williams - Denver Post
Sunday, Oct. 16 - Darrent Williams figured he would be on the field today in Denver. He just didn't think he would be wearing a Broncos uniform. Want more proof Williams is the real deal? He was on Bill Belichick's radar on draft day. And as everyone knows, Belichick seldom makes a mistake on draft day.

QB time running out for Vick - Denver Post
Sunday, Oct. 16 - The Cardinals have been trying to find an extra running back for months. They have talked trade with Minnesota about Michael Bennett and have worked out several running backs in the past several weeks. Here's one name to ponder: Maurice Clarett.

Patriots-Broncos scouting report - Denver Post
Sunday, Oct. 16 - Breaking down today's matchup between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patrots.

Champs will test Broncos - The Daily Camera
Sunday, Oct. 16 - Bill Belichick described the starting quarterback this way: "He manages the game. He doesn't turn the ball over. He gets the team in the end zone. He isn't making mistakes." Tom Brady? No, the player New England's head coach was commenting on was Denver's Jake Plummer.

Patriots Preview - Denver Broncos Week 6 - Patriots Insider
Sunday, Oct. 16 - All things considered, it is nothing short of amazing. Through five games, the injury-riddled Patriots defense has surrendered an AFC-high 136 points, forced just three turnovers and had a different starting secondary for every game. Yet here they are with a chance to get to 4-2 with a win at Denver (4-1) going into the bye week.

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