Coaches Corner 10/18/05

Denver Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan talked about his running back rotation in Monday's press conference as well as the injury situation. Check out what Shanahan had to say.

Mike Shanahan
On the running back rotation:
"I think both of them (Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell) have played extremely well, and as far as I'm concerned we have two guys that can play and they both are going to get a lot of playing time. It really doesn't matter who starts. Both of them (Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell) will get a chance to help us win. I thought it was a good combination during the game. Mike gave us some power, broke some tackles and Tatum was able to get us some big-time plays."

On whether there is a preference between Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell:
"I think you (the press) have been around me long enough to see that we've had backs that can carry the ball 25-35 times per game. So we just try to go with the scenario we think works well for us and so far it's working and if it doesn't work then we'll change it. I think you saw that Mike is a power inside runner. You know he can make some big plays... Mike is a guy that can pound you and there are very few guys that can pound you like Mike Anderson. In some situations where you feel like you have to pound, I think you put a guy like Mike in there."

On noticing any growth in Tatum Bell:
"I think number one he's healthy and when you're healthy you get opportunities. I think the only thing that's kept him out of the lineup the last couple of years is inconsistent health. He's been banged up and at least in this game he was able to get through it fairly healthy. So hopefully he can get more reps as time goes on and get more comfortable with the system. I think people can see that if he gets a little hole, he's got an opportunity to make a big play.

On whether Plummer's play in the first half against New England was the best the quarterback has played:
"To be honest with you, he has had some great games. To say that this was his best game, I can't really say that. We were trying to make some big plays. We were able to do that and it was a heck of second quarter, which doesn't happen too often in the NFL. The one post route to Rod Smith was right on the money. Throwing the ball deep to (Broncos wide receiver) Ashley Lelie was pretty nice and I have to give him credit for that handoff he made to Tatum right before the end of the half… was a good handoff.

On CB Champ Bailey's hamstring injury:
"He said he was ready to go (before the Patriots game). He felt good. I just think he got a little worn out toward the end of the game. He went as long as he could go. He felt it start to tighten up a little bit. When he's in there, there's a presence. I think Champ is fine, and I think he will be fine this week. I think after 38 plays Champ could see he was getting a little bit tight and smart players take themselves out and not risk playing."

On whether the Broncos let up after taking a 25-point lead against New England:
"Sure. When you're up 28-3 in the middle of the third quarter common sense tells you there is going to be a little bit of a let up. You try not to have it happen but when you do it against a team like New England and all of a sudden they get that momentum going, you stop them by getting third downs on offense and we were able to do it."

On Tom Brady withstanding Denver's defensive pressure:
"I take my hat off to Tom. I am very impressed with a guy that can take that many shots and still be able to focus downfield and throw the ball like he did."

On Injuries - S Nick Ferguson:
"He has a second-degree MCL, which he has had before. The last time he had a second-degree MCL, he practiced on Wednesday."

On Injuries – S Sam Brandon:
"Sam will be out for about three weeks with a tear in his peck. The MRI was positive so the best scenario is three weeks."

On safety Marques Anderson stepping in due to injuries:
"Marques has dressed for a few games, and the times he has dressed he has played well. That's why you bring in a veteran player because you never know when a player goes down. Everyone knows that someone has got to step up and play."

On Todd Sauerbrun's punting:
"Field position is so important and everyone's seen how consistent he has been. He's been clutch. In situations where we are backed up, he goes out there with a smile on his face while most guys are hiding from me. It's good to have him."

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