Rocky Mountain Thunder

Is it deja vu for the Denver Broncos after their fast start to the season, or is there something different in the air?

It seems I've been here before, yes, I think I recognize this. This looks very familiar, the Denver Broncos start red hot seemingly having the answers to all the questions, but then they fade. Are Broncos fans to believe things are going to be different this year?

They haven't the best track record when it comes to finishing the season strong. On the contrary they back into the playoffs; traveling to the RCA Doom just to embarrass all the gullible fans that believed they had a chance to win.

Do you sense some bitterness? I had to sit next to some Indy fans to watch the game last year while on vacation and they kept giving me that look , "Ahh, look at that poor Broncos fan, maybe we should buy him a beer." I didn't need a beer, I needed a team with some heart, pride and maybe more talent. Well the Broncos addressed the talent issue this off-season.

Know what Indy Fans, (and all the other non- believers across the nation), there's something different in the air. It's a since of hope. Hope that the Orange and Blue can win enough games to get home field advantage.

Home field advantage is huge in the playoffs. Can you imagine snow and sleet in the cold of January? Let's see Peyton Manning and company speed all over a cold frozen field. Let's see how they handle being popped by Al "The Human Torpedo" Wilson when it's 20 degrees. That's the AFC Championship play off game I want to see.

The Broncos are taking steps every week towards that game. Showing the grit that good teams display. They might not be destroying teams - K.C. being the only exception - but they are getting it done. They are winning the close games. These games build character and confidence. It instills the attitude "We can win the close one."

After dropping an easy game in Miami, the Broncos bounced back and beat the team most thought had the best talent in the AFC West - the San Diego Chargers. Everything seemed to change from that point.

Mike Shanahan and gentlemen dismantled K.C. on national television 30-10. They followed that win by picking apart a strong defensive team in Jacksonville. After Jacksonville the Redskins came to town and gave Denver quite a scare, but the Broncos were still standing. This week they faced a proud and determined New England team.

New England may have some key injuries, but they still have the best field general in football, Tom Brady. Brady almost led his team back from a 28-6 deficit. Once again though the Broncos held on. These are the type of games that define a team. These are the games that make champions!

If Shanahan can keep quarterback Jake Plummer from getting outside the game plan, and the "D" can keep getting better, with just a little luck from the football gods, there might be an opportunity for Bronco fans to see playoff football in Mile high Stadium. If there is playoff football in December, Rocky Mountain Thunder will be roaring.

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