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At 5-1 the Broncos stand in a perfect position to take control of the AFC West. Read what Jake Plummers has to say about preparing for the Giants and the fans in New York.

Jake Plummer

On the Broncos' 5-1 start
"I hadn't even thought about it before you said it. As a team, we know that we have to keep it going from week-to-week. We talked about that after the game – how we are not worried and how we can't sit and think about what we have done. We are just looking forward to what we still have left to do and that is to go out there and play a very good ball club in a tough place to play. If there is any letdown, we already know what is going to happen. We are going to get beat pretty bad and we know we have to be ready to play."

On getting off to a good start in the last few seasons
"Well, we stop listening to the questions that are constantly asked about us starting fast and didn't do well during the second half of the season, for the last however many years. We start focusing on the fact that we have the New York Giants and I don't even know who we play after that. It is week-to-week, and we are not worried about that. Every season takes its own course and what we are doing is making sure that we prepare week-to-week the same way we did the week prior. If we lose this game, we have to come back next week and try to win the next one, but we do not plan on losing. We go out there to win."

On the New York Giants' fans
"They get after it. They have really rowdy fans, and the best is coming out of the tunnel. There is always some guy with a New York accent saying really pleasant things about you, your family, friends and your teammates, so you laugh about that. I have been to some games where they will boo you when you are announced and the next thing you know, they are booing the Giants. It is a crowd that gets after it, one way or another, so we have to be ready to go out there and face that. Coach Shanahan says it all the time (that) the sweetest sound on earth is a quiet stadium on the road, so we would like to think about and envision that happening when we go out there."

On game planning for Giants defensive end Michael Strahan
"I don't. Ask my lineman, they have to take care of him. He is a great football player and I played against him for many years and he sacked me many times back when I was playing with Arizona. He will tell you that I made him miss quite a few times, too. He is always a fun guy to play against because he always comes hard and he is playing at a very high level right now. I know that my guys up front are going to take care of me and I have to trust them. (Right tackle) George (Foster) and (left tackle) Matt (Lepsis) are going to take care of him or if there is a tight end on him, they are going to do their job. If he does get through and I can see him then hopefully I can make him miss. He is a quality player and you don't really change where you run or what you do, you just go in and make sure that someone blocks him and get someone after him."

On the streak of games without turnovers
"We are running the same offense. The game plan switches up from week-to-week and just doing things. We finally got the big plays going last week, and I have alluded to it that there are some lucky breaks. The ball got tipped last week and it bounced up in the air and was just hanging there, but it fell down and hit the ground. It has happened before where there is a defensive lineman standing there and it goes right into his arms. You take those breaks and you roll with them. Right now, we are not trying to do anything differently or think too much about the streak of us not having any turnovers. You have to think, it is not just me; it is the running backs that are getting a lot of carries and are also taking care of the ball. As a team and as an offense, we continue to do that and continue to get better as an offense, we are going to be a hard team to beat."

On how he has changed the way he plays this season
"There were some times when I tried to force some balls in and have gotten the ball through and made a play or gotten knocked down or just hasn't been there. I am not trying to go out there and not throw interceptions. Your goal is to do that, to go out there and go through your progressions and the guys when they are open have allowed me to get the ball to the open guy and when that is not there, that is when that kicks in. That is when I have to be smart and not try to force it or make a crazy play and sometimes throw it away. I am trying to run a little bit more and I have got a lot of plays that way. I am playing ball and going through the offense the same way I have for the past few years. It is just that things are happening for us right now."

On the role of wide receiver Ashley Lelie
"Every week, the game plans are different and last week we finally got a big play to him. Obviously, we want him to be involved. He caught a few balls, but each week, you never know who it is going to be. That is one thing that has been nice so far; there are a lot of guys in this offense that are making plays for us. As a defense that is trying to see who that is going to be, that has got to be tough. Ashley is patient and he wants the ball, but every single one of our receivers wants the ball every time, so there will be opportunities for him. I don't think that we are making an extra effort to get him the ball more. If it comes up and we have the right play called, there is a chance to get it to him."

On how the team approaches each week
"That we got beat pretty bad that first game and that we had to let that go and move on from week-to-week. You can't think about what you did last week, and I can't think about not throwing an interception next week. I just have to go into this game and try to do the same thing and continue to be a leader on this team. Everybody is doing that and everybody is doing their job. You also have guys all across the board playing at a very high level, on offense, special teams and defense. This team is playing well and we know that we can play better. I know that as an offense we can play much better. For example, on third-downs -- If we just do that right there, these games aren't even coming down to where they are close in the end. These games could be put away earlier than the fourth quarter. We just have to keep pushing and trying to get better."

On keeping possession of the ball
"That is just offense. You never know who it is going to be. Right now, the way (running backs) Tatum (Bell) and Mike (Anderson) are running, both of them are running very well and it the offensive line is giving them a lot of space and the receivers are really blocking down field. In the big-play department, we finally got off on a good foot with that play to (wide receivers) Rod (Smith) and Ashley (Lelie) and we just want to keep those coming. Staying on the field is where it is at. We did not do that at the end of this last game (against New England), which made it as close as it was, but we have to find an answer to that. We have to stay on the field in the third and fourth quarter when our defense is playing at such a great level."

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