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As is his weekly practice, Bighungry71 gives his keys and observations on Week 7 on the Broncos Update Hardcore Message Board.

As usual, here it is, my weekly keys and observations, as well as a quick look back at week 6. Lemme see....Jake Plummer made a liar out of me last week by hitting a couple long plays.....and I loved every minute of it!!! Darrent Williams DID get a couple good qb pressures and forced a grounding call so I feel vindicated on my prediction there. Again the AnderBell uber running back duo looked good. I have NEVER liked the "running back by comittee" thing but this whole "Thunder and Lightning" deal is working out well for the Broncs. Anyway, here it is....my 7 weekly points.

1. This one has absolutey nothing to do with this weeks game but I had an epiphany and thought I should jot it down. We have all (including yours truly) talked up Matt Leinhart over the last few weeks as our possible QB of the future but a thought (the above mentioned epiphany) came to me this morning. Mike Shanahan LOVES Michael Vick....Marcus Vick is a redshirt junior at VaTech......hmmmmm......considering the lack of depth at QB in next years draft Vick just might come out, a Vick in the Mile high city next year?.....just a thought.

2. Don't get beat by three plays. Last week agains the Pat's we won with three plays....I know they didn't score on the two long completions to Rod Smith and Ashley Lelie but they set up scores. I think to be successful this week we have to keep Burress, Shockey and Barber in front of the defense. In order to do this I think you will see a lot of four man rush again this week and a "big nickel" using an extra safety or linebacker in pass coverage.

3. Force Eli Manning to throw with guys around him. Sacks are great, Knockdowns are almost as great, but just having guys around the QB and making him adjust his throwing motion and footwork are very effective as well. I think it is imperative that the Broncos keep Eli out of his "comfort zone". As I said before this will need to primarily come from the front four but don't be suprised to see some of Al Wilson in Mannings grill this week. I think most of the Blitzes you will see will be Wilson and Lynch coming up the middle.

4. Screen to Tatum Bell. Watching Bell is like playing nintendo. This guy really can get it done in the open field. Several times this season we have been just off on the timing of a couple screens. On at least one other occasion Brother Bell dropped a gimme first down catch on a little swing route out of the backfield. I would really like to see some more passes to him this week. Look at them as long handoffs to a great open field runner.

5. Finish like champions. I said it in an earlier weeks post and I'll say it again. Championship teams don't just finish opponents, then knock them down, kick them in the teeth then cover 'em with about 6 feet of dirt. We haven't effectively finished a game this year and I would love to see it. I'm not putting it all on the defense either. We need to see two or three effective drives late in the game to be sucessful this week.

6. Protect the ball. The Gigantes are #1 in the league in turnover ratio. Why? Because they practice it every friggin day, stip the ball, strip the ball, strip the ball. Guys (yes you Tatum) need to be aware of this and take extra measure to protect the ball.

7. Ahhh Glorious isn't it.....seven.....seven....seven! My final point. When you look at an opposing team you say to yourself "who can hurt us?". Well lets look at the Giants, who scares you? Me....I'm scared to death of Michael Strahan.....I'm afraid he'll use me like a big blond toothpick to clean out that gap in his front teeth! But then again I have an learned adversion to Defensive Ends. The key to this then is limiting his impact, We can do this several ways. Run effectively, Bootleg and double him with a tightend/back. If the Broncos limit Strahan to one sack or less I say they did a good job and should win.

One final thought: Who else was dissapointed when Kyle Johnson caught his touchdown pass last week? Not that I begrudge the guy the catch, It was just anti climactic when he didn't give us some entertainment afterwards. Without a doubt his touchdown celebrations are the most comical in the NFL...so Kyle....if you're reading this.....Give us something brother!!!

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