Killer Instinct

Attila the Hun, Spartacus, and Bill Gates, all of these men have one thing in common. Read what they have, that the Denver Broncos don't.

Attila the Hun, Spartacus, and Bill Gates, all of these men have one thing in common. That one thing isn't a ruthless blood lust to rule the world. No, it's the ability to put an opponent away when it counts - that killer instinct. You know that voice inside your head that says "I've got this guy in trouble and if I don't finish him off something bad is going to happen." Well something bad happened, the Denver Broncos blew a 10 point lead in the fourth quarter against the Giants to rack up their second loss of the season.

There is something to be said for the cold calculation that is regularly displayed by coach Mike Shanahan and the rest of his coaching staff. I don't mind the scripting of the first 15 plays of a game. That just shows you've done your homework and you are prepared for the tendencies of the other team. But where is the passion that controls momentum?

The safe play calling at the end of a half when there's 1:03 left. You don't want anything stupid if you have the lead. Why risk messing with the zero turnover streak you've got going, because that streak will win you some games, right? WRONG! I've got a better idea.

How about trying to get into field goal range and extend your lead? Demonstrate that you're willing to put the pressure on the other team to beat you. Right when they think they've figured us out, we'll hit you with something completely unexpected. That will win some games.

Let's not put all the responsibility for the loss squarely on the shoulders of the coaching staff, they're just calling the plays, not running them. The players on the other hand have to make plays. That's right, once in a while a play has to be made on the field that might be outside the original scheme. Sometimes a chance has to be taken. Pride has to kick in and you tell yourself, "No matter what happens I'm not going to let this game slip away, because I'm willing to take a chance and make a great PLAY!"

Broncos players need to take a deep look inward and ask themselves "Am I willing to put it all on the line for the ultimate goal?" This has to start with the field general, the leader of the team - the quarterback. Jake Plummer has to make plays at the end of the game to put the other team down for the count. He needs to land the big right cross!

Whether it be hitting a guy in stride for a big third down conversion, running and diving for the first, or just getting your guys together and telling them "NO PENALTIES!" Jake has to be the leader on the field, and if that means breaking the shackles the coaching staff have put on him that's what winners do. Take a risk! That goes for the rest of the offense. Make a block, catch, or run. Do what got you into the NFL.

Watching the game against the Giants I didn't see Jake on the field at the end of the game, I saw the defense. It was the "D" that allowed the Giants offense to drive 83 yards in 3:24 for the game winning score. The "D" allowed the Giant's offense to put a 15 play drive together to win the game. All Al Wilson, Ian Gold, John Lynch, and company had to do was make one play. One play! Stop Eli Manning from completing a 6 yard completion to Burress on 3rd and 4 to go. Get to the quarterback. Show the killer instinct. Sell out for your team. MAKE A PLAY!!

If the Broncos continue to give in at the end of games it won't matter if they make the playoffs, because once they're there, they won't have what it takes to seal the deal.

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