Coaches Corner 10/30/05

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan comments on the teams 49-21 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. The win improves the Broncos record to 6-2 as they head into the bye week atop the AFC West.

Mike Shanahan

On Dwayne Carswell and the Win
"I got so caught up in the game talking to the team, I almost forgot to give the game ball to the guy that has meant so much to our football team, who had a car accident this week, who's in the hospital and that's [OT] Dwayne Carswell. He's doing pretty good right now, but our thoughts and prayers with him. Our guys responded, and it was very important for them to get it done for him. The way they responded in the fourth quarter…I was really pleased."

"It was a great effort. We had some adversity there in the third quarter, but I was pleased with the way our guys responded. I don't think we had a penalty on the offense or defense in the first half, I think we had two on special teams, and then on the first couple drives [in the third quarter] we set ourselves back. We had penalties, obviously, that had a lot to do with it as well. You can't make penalties against a good defensive football team, or else you don't score. We had some good field position, and I think we had about four drives of about thirty, thirty-five yards. I was pleased with the way they kept their composure, and that's what you have to do. You know you're going to have some adversity, Philly's a heck of a football team, and they've got some playmakers, and they did what they've been doing for the last four or five years. They made some plays here in the third quarter, and I was pleased with the way we responded."

On the Defense
"I would say we were pretty aggressive right from the start. It [aggressive play calling] worked a little bit, and they had a couple big plays with T.O. [WR Terrell Owens], and that's what's going to happen when you blitz. You're going to get some sacks, and you're going to get some pressure, and every once in a while you're going to give up a big play, especially when you have some great athletes like they do on that side of the ball. They make a lot of plays, and we thought we would kind of mix it up with the pass rush that we have, that we could kind of change it a little bit and give them a little different picture than what they've seen. All in all, I thought it was a good game plan and we did what we needed to do to win."

On WR Todd Devoe's Development
"One of the reasons we did activate Todd is he's been kind of a big playmaker in practice, and he's really helped us on special teams. And since [WR] Charlie Adams is our third wide receiver, and we don't play our fourth wide receiver a lot – usually it's anywhere from five to fifteen plays at the most – we thought he'd help us on special teams and still give us a chance to get the big play and I was really pleased with the way he stepped up. Because of his strength and speed he made a guy miss, and that's what you hope a guy will do. You never know. Sometimes it takes guys a little longer than others, but anyway, he's an excellent athlete, he's got big-time speed, and he's got the ability to break tackles, and he helps us in the special teams area. I'm just glad we got him.

[Regarding Devoe's touchdown:] It was third down and eleven and they brought a max blitz, and [QB] Jake [Plummer] had to get rid of the ball, and threw it to Todd, a hot receiver, one-on-one, very similar to what they did with T.O. when they hit the quick hitch – the corner misses a tackle and you get a big play."

On CB Domonique Foxworth's Interception in the End Zone
"I think it lit a spark for everybody, it's 28-21 and they get a chance to tie it up and Domonique makes a great play on T.O. That's a great play for a young player. He's got great awareness and he's been doing that pretty consistently since he's been with us, so it didn't really surprise me. But a lot of guys put in that situation – they don't make the interception. They'll knock it down, maybe, but that was really a big play on his part."

On CB Champ Bailey's Hamstring
"I think this week is really going to help him, where he can sit back and just stay off of it for a while. He hasn't been able to practice full speed, and he goes out there [on gameday] and does what he needs to do to help us win. He felt like he wasn't in full speed, so that's why he took himself out in the third quarter, and some of the young guys responded. You know we've got two or three young guys out there who haven't played too long in the NFL, and they come out and make some plays – it's pretty impressive."

On the Running Game
"The question after two games was, ‘Why does the running game stink, and your passing game's good?'. They it went to, ‘Why does your passing game stink and you're running game's good?' So, let's wait until the end of the season and just see how we do. We have a good running offense collectively as a team, and it takes that to run the ball in the National Football League, and I think we made some good plays in the passing game to offset an aggressive defense that is very well-coached and very talented."

On T George Foster's MCL
"I think that the second-degree MCL, since he's had that he has not played at the same level he did earlier. I thought it would be good to switch both of those guys off [T Cornell Green], to keep both those guys fresh, and give Cornell Green a chance. If you come off a second-degree MCL, a lot of these guys won't say they're hurting. But when they don't play at the same level, and they kind of wear down in the second half, you try to do what you need to do to make your offense successful."

On QB Jake Plummer
"I'm really pleased with the way he played and the way he managed the game. That's what you want to do as a quarterback. He made some big-time plays in there, and when there was nothing there he threw the football away, and that's what you're trying to do – manage the game, and try to limit mistakes."

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