Today's Postgame Quotes

Denver Broncos players talk to the media following today's 49-21 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Check out the full transcripts.

Todd Devoe
On his touchdown reception
"It's a play called Philly. Coach (Shanahan) always said ‘look hot'. If they blitz, (Broncos Quarterback) Jake (Plummer) is coming to you right away. It just so happened that the right was called at the right time."

On his performance
"Whether it is in practice or special teams, it is just waiting for your turn and you have to make the best of your opportunities."

Tatum Bell
On his 67 yard run
"We knew it was going to be a grind. We always say, get those two or three yards at a time and the big one, the 40 or 50 yarder will come eventually."

On the possibility of having two 1,000 yard rushers
"We are not looking at it like that. If it ends up like that, it is all good, just as long as we have a good season. It would be real nice, it's something in the back of my mind. Hopefully we stay on pace to do that."

Domonique Foxworth
On his interception
"It's a similar play to the one that I was able to break-up earlier this season (against Washington). I just made a better break this time. It was a post and (Eagles quarterback) Donovan (McNabb) looked away and when he turned back, he tried to zip the ball in there, but I was anticipating it and made a good break."

On his play today
"I give a lot of credit to our defensive coaching staff and (Broncos cornerback) Champ (Bailey). Champ works with myself and (Broncos cornerback) Darrent (Williams) to try to make us the players that we need to be and to help this team to where it is."

John Lynch
On Foxworth's interception
"That's the play of the game. That's the point of the game where everybody is looking for the magic answer to last week. The bottom line is someone has to step up and make a play. Champ (Bailey) did that at one point last week but it wasn't enough in the end. You have to continue to make plays and that was one where we badly needed a play. (Dominique) made a huge play and our offense responded. They went out and scored a touchdown."
On the blitz schemes
"It was pretty good. I credit (defensive coordinator) Larry Coyer. We came after him. He told us we were. I think it was smart with what happened last week. Sometimes that can affect the confidence of a defense. So there is no better way to do that then coming after someone. It gives you that aggressive mentality back."

On the bye week
"It's a nice time. We've been fortunate that we've been fairly healthy but we do have some guys banged up. It will be good to get Champ rested with that hamstring. It's a bad deal going into a bye week with a loss. It's just such a better feeling going into it with a win. It makes the off days that much better."

Jake Plummer
On the win
"It was nice. We're going to look at the film and wish we could have done better in the third quarter. But when we had to, we put it away. They are a great ballclub. We knew it wasn't going to be easy. We jumped out to that lead and we didn't let our guard down, they just came out in the second half and made some great plays on defense. They covered guys up and we didn't have much there. We hung together and came up with some big plays to do that."

On Todd Devoe's touchdown
"It was big time. We needed someone to step up and of all people, it was Todd Devoe. People are probably wondering who Todd Devoe was. We knew all along that he has a lot of the skills. He's a big strong receiver. He caught that ball, spun out of it, broke a tackle and made a big play to get us out of that funk."

On his personal success of late
I really don't care. I'm playing football and looking forward to the bye week, getting healthy. I've got a little banged up shoulder, just rest my legs. I'm going to continue to play football, whatever role or streak I've got going. I'm trying to lead the team the best that I can. With this run game we got going, with the guys up front and what they're doing in the run game, there's not many quarterbacks who wouldn't be on a roll in this system right now."

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