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With the Denver Broncos on the Bye Week, Bighungry71 gives his midseason observations on the Broncos Hardcore Message Board.

Well.....this week I don't get to do my normal post on the game so I thought it might be time to throw out some mid season observations.

1. Man this team can RUN THE BALL!! I don't know about you guy's but I'm starting to feel giddy. While we have been succesful running for most of Shanahans time in Denver this year just feels different. I think the fresh legs of our two headed monster will really pay dividends from here on in this season. I can honestly see both Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell making it to 1000 yards.

2. Rod Smith is still a top 5 reciever. Hey he might have slowed down but statistically he is still getting it done. I think Rod has officially moved past Shannon Sharpe, up to #2 on my alltime favorite Broncos list (you really don't have to ask who #1 is do you?). I like some of the young guys, in particular Charlie Adams and Todd Devoe, but without Rod's leadership and play I think this season would have been lost. He will, without a doubt, give the Broncos one more player in the Hall of fame.

3. Somebody pissed Gerard Warren off. For a guy who "doesn't play hard" or "has no leadership qualities" Gerard is sure carrying his load on THIS team. He has played great but the most impressive thing for me was him screaming at his fellow defenders during the third quarter of the Philly game. You can just tell that guy HATES to lose....I think resigning him has to be our #1 offseason priority.

4. Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake.....FREAKIN NO MISTAKE JAKE!! I said it in August and I think it's still holding true. I said that our superbowl aspirations were directly connected to his TD/INT ratio (Click here to read). So far Jake Plummer is looking like a winner...I have faith it will stay that way.

5. I will never never doubt Mike Shanahan taking three corners in one draft again. Not only are these young fellas talented, they have been absolutely necessary with all the injuries we have had. Sigh....I guess that's why he's the coach and I'm the dumb guy typing this article.

6. This team is a perfect mixture of Vet and young player. From top to bottom at every position this team has a great mixture. I can see D.J. Williams, Demetrin Veal, Darrent Williams, Domonique Foxworth and Brandon Browner leading the defense for years to come and Bradlee Van_Pelt, Tatum Bell, George Foster, Charlie Adams, Jeb Putzier and Todd Devoe keeping the offense going. For all the crap we give Shanny about his Marcus Nash's and Mo Clare's he has done this team right by and large.

7. The best thing that could have happened to this team was to get drubbed week one by the Fish. I know we all hated that loss but I think it put a real sour taste in the fellas' mouths. Since that game the Broncos have gotten progressively better each and every week. This team is a Superbowl contender....no not playoff contender...SUPERBOWL CONTENDER!! I don't fear the Colts, I don't fear the Patsy's and I certainly don't fear a rematch with the Giants if the Big game comes to that. Look out NFL....our BOYS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!

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