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The Denver Broncos will pay injured lineman Dwayne Carswell his entire salary even though he's on injured reserve. Read the latest on Carswell in today's news reports.

Zero interest - Longmont Daily Times-Call - Pat Graham
11/8/2005 — Putting up with Terrell Owens would mean a coach would have to turn the other cheek from time to time. It also could mean that coach could lose the respect of the rest of the team. That would be a steep price to pay for any team that acquired the volatile Philadelphia Eagles receiver, who will probably never wear an Eagles uniform again after continuous infighting with teammates. Some pundits believe Owens could find a new home with the Denver Broncos. With receiver Rod Smith's advancing age and Ashley Lelie's struggles right now, there's no question Denver could use help at the position. But help could come at a high cost. Owens' mere presence in the locker room could leave Owens right back where he started — rankling teammates. For that reason, many Broncos vetoed the very notion of acquiring him.

Look who likes ball control - Denver Post - Anthony Cotton
11/09/2005 - Life just isn't the same for the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis, the larger-than-life team owner, iconoclast and perpetual thorn in the NFL's side, now hobbles around with a walker. With the San Diego Chargers' ascension to the league's elite, the Raiders seem to have taken out a long-term lease on last place in the AFC West, a far cry from the days when the franchise was committed to excellence. And while the Raiders still lead the league in penalties, the flags stem more from stupidity than mayhem. At their current rate, to live up to their maniacal, outlaw image, the Raiders would have to sign Terrell Owens, Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman.

Broncos will pay Carswell entire salary - Denver Post - Bill Williamson
11/09/2005 - Offensive lineman Dwayne Carswell can rest assured that he will be paid for the rest of the season by the Broncos. The team told his agent, James Field, it will honor Carswell's 2005 contract even though he is out for the rest of the season on the reserve/nonfootball injury list after suffering serious injuries in an auto accident. When players go on the nonfootball injury list, teams are not obligated to honor the rest of that season's contract. However, the Broncos will pay Carswell, who has been with the team since 1994, the remainder of his 765,000 base salary. Carswell was on the active roster the first eight games of the season, including one after his accident.

Fun so far, but tests on deck - Denver Post - Domonique Foxworth
11/09/2005 - Time flies when you are having fun. The first eight regular-season games and four preseason games zipped past like Tatum Bell in the open field. That's because we have a good team with great people on it. There is something to be said about enjoying the time we spend together. Work doesn't quite feel like work when you like the people you work with and have fun with them. It certainly does not seem like I have played 12 NFL games. After that many games in college, we would be welcoming the offseason and speculating about who would be getting what postseason accolades. We are just getting into the heart of the NFL season and gearing up for some divisional opponents.

Broncos standing at attention - Rocky Mountain News - Jeff Legwold
November 9, 2005 - The Denver Broncos haven't played in 10 days. They haven't taken a snap, made a tackle or scored a touchdown. But suddenly, after not winning or losing Sunday, the Broncos have been discovered. It's ESPN here, Phil Simms there, everywhere else. The Broncos, at 6-2, spent their bye week becoming the "other" team in the AFC, the one chasing the 8-0 Indianapolis Colts. "Maybe, I don't know," Broncos safety John Lynch said. "There's probably been a little more talk about us in the last couple weeks. And I think guys feel good about ourselves, but we also realize we're only off to a real good start. For our ultimate goal, everything is in front of us. Championship teams do their great work in November and December and beyond that."

49ers, Raiders in midterm crisis - Contra Costa Times - Cam Inman
Wed, Nov. 09, 2005 - Best smoke screen: The AFC West-leading Denver Broncos, who are off to a 6-2 start after an offseason full of questionable moves -- drafting Maurice Clarett, signing Jerry Rice, acquiring Cleveland Browns defensive linemen.

Readying for the Raiders - Denver - Andrew Mason
Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - At this point in the season, the Broncos are three games better than the Oakland Raiders in the standings. But such a lead has meant virtually nothing in the teams' rivalry. Six years ago, the Broncos were winless and the Raiders 2-2 when they met in Oakland, and the Broncos snatched a 16-13 win. A year ago, the Broncos were four games better heading into a snowy INVESCO Field at Mile High encounter and lost. And of course, there was the last time the teams met after a midseason Denver bye, when the Broncos were 6-2 -- as they are this year -- and the Raiders 4-4. Oakland won 34-10 and only lost once more the rest of the way, freezing Denver out of the division title and the playoffs entirely. No more evidence than that is required, although the many years of Broncos-Raiders history provide ample support for the cliché "throw the records out."

Tackling Heart Disease and Stroke - Denver - Jennifer Tavlian
Tuesday, November 8, 2005 - When Billy Thompson was a safety with the Broncos, his hard-hitting contributions on the field helped Denver win games. Now, as Director of Alumni Relations, he's helping save lives. Thompson and the alumni group have started "Tackling Heart Disease and Stroke," a program designed to raise awareness for current and former players, as well as the general public. "It started because I just saw that there was so much misinformation about it," Thompson said. "Guys were not really aware of the risks they were under -- in particular Haven Moses (who suffered a stroke) -- which really got me thinking about it, and Dr. Boone who is our medical director."

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