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This week, as I do every week, I cruised around the rest of the sites to see what was doing with our "hated rivals." So how are our friends in the Central and Pacific time zones doing? Not well, according to and

This week, as I do every week, I cruised around the rest of the sites to see what was doing with our "hated rivals." KC and Oakland seem kind of down in the dumps. As you know, we dominated Oakland from the second quarter on, and KC was handed a loss by the one guy in Buffalo that nobody thought could win, Mr. J.P. Losman. Yikes.

So how are our friends in the Central and Pacific time zones doing? Not well, according to and

In Oakland, the calls for Norv Turner's head on a platter are only getting louder, making it very possible that my dream of having ol' Norv on the opposing sideline every year for the next decade will not come true. Surprisingly, my dream of a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt also has yet to come true, so I'm starting to believe that I just shouldn't follow my dreams.

And yet…

And yet Al Davis is still running things in Oakland. He's still making almost all of the choices, despite being hobbled by age. There's a good chance he'll keep Norv on the payroll just to "see what he can do for the Raiduhs." I'm hoping for this sort of blind loyalty.

In Kansas City, only my least favorite NFL city (and it's not a close race) can have a winning record and be conceding the division before the end of November. I've never seen so many high highs and so many low lows. They were all talk before the Monday Nightmare in Denver, saying how greatly improved their defense was and how terrific their offense still is.

A few weeks later? Let's just say things have changed.

With seven games left, Kansas City is writing itself out of the picture. A loss to Buffalo (where the Chiefs haven't won since 1986) dropped them to 5-4 on the year, and things are getting desperate with Priest Holmes out for the season. They still have to face Denver (granted, it's at Arrowhead, but come on… this isn't the same tough-as-nails team we're used to facing there), New England (not as good as usual, but still scrappy), at Dallas (who has already beaten Philly, a team that jumped KC from behind at Arrowhead), at the Giants (TOUGH game, especially for a beat up Chief squad), San Diego (the other AFC West team that will make the playoffs) and Cincy (who they should beat, assuming the Bungles decide to rest their starters). In other words, the playoffs are no gimme.

But the Chiefs' normally insanely loyal fanbase is apparently giving in to what appears to be the hard evidence that their team really is just an average to below-average team, especially in the AFC West. No word on whether a move to the NFC North is imminent for the disheartened KC team.

How desperate are Kansas Citizens? I give you this post, from the "Arrowhead Drive" message board and poster BirdMan81: "I see a certain # 81 in our FUTURE.....TO!!!!!"

Delusion apparently has no depth in ChiefsNation. They still think that one player (Willie Roaf, who is about a biscuit shy of 14,000 pounds) would be the difference for them between 5-4 and 8-1. And I giggle as I read about Kansas City's desire for Terrible Owens in a Chiefs uniform.

Even Charger fans are giving up, and they live in San Diego. Do you know how hard it is to be angry in San Diego? It's 75 degrees there every single day, and the ocean is five minutes away from anywhere! The guys on's message board are already looking towards the draft though, whining about the coaching staff and assessing blame for the failures of this season.

I think this is great. All I want for Christmas is a Broncos Division Title. And maybe a trip to Indy for some revenge against the Colts.

Please, Santa. I don't ask for much. If you would put T.O. in a Chiefs uni and make sure that Norv stays in Silver and Bad Country, plus give the Chargers what they're wishing (and playing) for (a decent first-round pick) I'd be forever grateful. That's just enough to get me by.

And maybe an iPod nano. But that's really it. I swear.

Sam DeWitt is a sportswriter living in Denver with his dog, Bailey. He spends his time writing for various publications and commuting between his home and his favorite coffee shop in Cherry Creek. You can reach Sam at

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