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As is his weekly practice, Bighungry71 gives his keys and observations for the Week 11 Denver Broncos v. New York Jets game on the Broncos Update Hardcore Message Board.

So it comes to this. We start our three games in twelve days stretch with the NewYork JETS. Early on this year I looked at this game as a real measuring stick, the Jets were a good playoff team last year and I saw it as a chance to test our mettle.

Unfortunately for the Jets and their fans they got bit by the Injury bug, I mean really Bit!! Regardless of this we are still talking about an NFL team with NFL players, and like my other post said, on any given Sunday any team in the NFL can beat you. So without further babbling here are my Key's/Predictions to this weeks game. I am going to qualify my post this week by saying I have not had time to watch or research the Jets like I normally would.

1. Did I mention the Broncos are a running team? The Jets strong suit this year is pass defense. Statistically they rank #7 in the NFL stopping the pass. Logic would dictate then that a running team like our beloved Broncos would and should pound away this week. I think you will see a "close to the vest" offensive game plan with a likely 2 to 1 ratio of run to pass. I think the signature bootlegs will still come out on occasion but don't expect Jake to air the ball out with any regularity this week. Prediction : Jake makes it to 210 pass attempts without a pick

2. Black and Blue. Those are the two very distinct colors Brooks Bollinger needs to become familiar with. The Broncos will Blitz early and VERY often on Sunday. Look for eight even nine guys near the line of scrimmage most of the game with different players taking turns blitzing or backing out into coverage. You have to give the young fella credit, he's getting his butt handed to him on a weekly basis but regardless is still showing up. Prediction : Broncos sack Bollinger four times leading up to two picks and a forced fumble.

3. Curtis Freakin Martin. I don't care if he is only listed as "probable" on the injury report...I don't care that he is 307 years old...I don't care if we have a great run defense...This guy friggin scares me. When healthy, Martin is still a premier back in my humble opinion. He catches the ball well and just makes things happen once he has it. If any one factor in this game makes me nervous its Martin. Prediction : Not going to make one....he just makes me nervous.

4. Hello my name is Darrent Williams and I'll be your defensive rookie of the year today!! This will be the game that our little fella really solidifies his status as a defensive rookie of the year contender. Last week he wowed the nation with his play in the Raiders game, this week he takes advantage of Bollinger's inexperience and his own preparation to grab another pick or two. Prediction : Either a punt return or INT return for a touchdown by Darrent.

5. Duke....Wesley Duke. Moose's favorite new player. I think this will be the game he gets to see his first real playing time. By the way, the Broncos now officially have 47 tight ends on the roster. I know it seems like overkill salary wise but my reading this week leads me to believe Duke would not have lasted more that a couple more days on the practice squad, too many other teams were looking at him. The Broncos typically have four TE's and four WR's active on game day (if you include longsnapper Mike Leach as a TE). I would not be suprised to see Duke and David Terrell active this week....they might even play some.

6. Bill Parcells gets the most out of his veteran players. Drew Bledsoe is a giant kill......oh wait that's next week isn't it. Sorry I can't help it.....I'm just excited to eat me some Turkey and watch our boy's smoke THE boy's.

7. Ahhh numero 7. My last and final part of the post. I see this being the week that the defense statistically makes it mark. Sacks, Int's, Forced Fumbles and a shutout. I just hope that we come out of this one injury free and healthy.

Prediction : Final Score Broncos 17 Jets 3

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