3-D in the Drivers Chair for a Playoff Run

The Denver Broncos' dominating defense may be the key to a deep run in the playoffs.

If it's true what they say that defense wins championships, then Denver Broncos fans might want to start booking their trips to Detroit now. This may be the best defensive team that the Broncos have ever had and this was very apparent against the New York Jets on Sunday at Mile High.

The Jets won the coin toss, but that would be the last battle they would win all day. Within six plays they had to punt and give the ball back to a very methodical Bronco offense. They took the ball 95 yards in 17 plays for a Mike Anderson touchdown. It was like a big bully had hit the Jets in the solar plexus. They were stunned! Didn't any of their coaches read the sports page lately, or maybe they don't print standings for any team west of the Mississippi. What they didn't know before the game started they know now. The Broncos are atop the AFC West and absolutely dominating teams of late, exactly what they did to the hapless New York Jets - dominate them, shutting them out 27-0. They scored nothing, nada, zilch.

The orange and blue tallied four sacks, two interceptions, and forced four fumbles. They also put Brooks Bollinger out of the game during the second driv,; leaving the archaic 42 year old Vinny Testaverde to absorb the pounding. I don't blame you Brooks. I wouldn't want Ian Gold and Al Wilson jumping on my head for three hours.

Coach Mike Shannahan recognized his defense's accomplishment after the game.

"Any time you have a goose egg on the scoreboard you got to think you're playing pretty good," he said.

Pretty good you say? How about Great?

Who would have thought that a team with two rookies playing significant time in the secondary and a bunch of supposed rejects from the Cleveland Browns rushing the passer, could win football games. Here we are though, watching a Broncos team that has a two game lead in their division and is over half done with the season. Kudos gentlemen, a lot of people are having a hard time breathing right now because shoe leather is obstructing their airways.

Ebenezer Ekuban tried to squash some of the excitement of being 8-2. "We can't get too excited," Ekuban said. "We have Dallas next week then Kansas City and San Diego still."

Who cares? This year Ekuban and company can ride into Arrowhead Stadium and ride out with a win. Why? Because they play good team defense. Champ Bailey and friends can streak into Qualcomm and neutralize the Chargers, because they take care of business and don't get too relaxed.

"In the NFL you can't overlook anyone." said Bailey.

This defense doesn't take anyone for granted, and if they ever start slipping, Larry Coyer, the defensive coordinator, will show the film of the fourth quarter against the Giants or the whole Miami game to knock some memory loose.

This defense is poised to make a run at the Super Bowl. Barring any catastrophes, Al Wilson, Ian Gold, John Lynch, Trevor Pryce and the rest of the 3-D (Denver's Dominating Defense) should give offensive coordinators nightmares well into the playoffs.

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