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JJ2391 is going to Kansas City to see the Denver Broncos face the Chiefs. Read JJ's post on the Broncos Hardcore Message Board in today's "Pick of the Posts."

On our way through Arrowhead...keys to KC game...

Well, it's been nine years since my brother and I made a road trip to KC to see the Denver Broncos play the Chiefs. The game was close, but we lost by three. We finished that year 13 and 3 and winners of the West, but we folded in the playoff game against the upstart Jags.

Now...the Broncos are two games up in the division with 5 left to play. We are likely to be favorites in three of these games, and likely will have pick-em's against KC and SD. The remaining road schedule is pretty tough, as we never have played our best in KC or Buffalo. San Diego will also be a test.

As we prepare for another road trip to Arrowhead, I think we can learn from what we have seen the last few weeks. The key to shutting down the Chiefs will be shutting down the run and getting some heat on Trent Green. The return of Willie Roaf for KC is being hyped as a huge factor, but I believe we can and will take away the rush.

The keys for this game:
1. Special teams. We must make sure we do not get bit by Dante Hall.

2. Secondary must play tough man-to-man. If we can cover the WR's and keep the safeties free to cover intermediate routes and give good run support, we should be able to control this game.

3. First down. We need to stay out of third and long situations. This means we need to either run the ball effectively on first down or get the tight ends involved early in the passing game. The KC pass rush will try to get to Jake Plummer early. A healthy dose of Mike Anderson, Tatum Bell and some designed movement of Plummer with dump-offs to tight end Jeb Putzier will keep them guessing, and then we will have a marked advantage.

4. Score touchdowns. The red-zone has been pretty good to us this year. We need to stay on a roll, and not settle for field goals. I look forward to hearing deafening silence in Arrowhead if we can get on top of KC. The KC fans are always loud, and like to be a big factor. In fairness, the KC fans for the most part are very good sports...but they do love to make noise in the stands.

Lastly...this will likely be a typical Broncos at Chiefs game, which means nail biter. Broncos should win it by 10.

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