Sharpe hits the airwaves

Shannon Sharpe agrees to host a weekly television program for KUSA, channel 9, every Sunday

It's a natural fit.

Shannon Sharpe uncensored and live for all of Denver to see, and it's coming to a television set near you.

On Thursday local television station KUSA, channel 9 on your dial, announced plans for the future Hall of Famer to host his very own television program, "One-on-one with Shannon Sharpe", scheduled to air at 10:35 p.m. every Sunday throughout the football season.

If the name sounds familiar, it should. Former Bronco quarterback John Elway hosted the original "One on One" series until his retirement in 1998. Since then, station executives were hard pressed to find someone with enough talent and charisma to fill the void.

Enter "The Mouth", carrying enough quotes to keep Roger Ogden, KUSA's president and general manager, happy for a long, long time.

"Shannon is a Hall of Fame player and one of the best at his position," Ogden told reporters. "His football experience and knowledge will make for a dynamic show."

Prior to joining the Broncos, Sharpe was offered Cris Collinsworth's vacated positionas studio host for the FOX Sports network's nationwide pregame show, but finishing his career in the place it all started held more appeal than hanging up the cleats for the corporate world of broadcasting.

It also allowes Sharpe at least one more season to rewrite the NFL record books for tight ends.

Today's announcement marries the best of both worlds, giving those of us fortunate enough to live locally, thirty-minutes of Shannon in his prime, a treat usually reserved to the confines of sweaty, humid locker rooms.

"One on One with Shannon Sharpe", it almost enough to make you forget about Brian Griese.


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