Broncos v. Chiefs Report Card

Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams got his job as kickoff returner back and had a couple of nice returns in the loss at Kansas City. Read how the special teams and the rest of the Broncos graded on their performance against the Chiefs.


PASSING OFFENSE: C-minus -- QB Jake Plummer was able to move the Broncos in the first half. He hit some long passes and did a good job escaping the rush and making plays. Plummer had 221 yards by halftime. But Plummer also had a costly interception in the end zone in the first quarter, threw another costly interception on the first series of the second half and finished with 276 yards passing.

RUSHING OFFENSE: B-minus -- Denver did average 4.5 yards per carry and had 131 yards. But RB Mike Anderson couldn't pick up a crucial yard on fourth-and-1 in the fourth quarter, and the Broncos never controlled the game on the ground the way Kansas City did. Denver used three tailbacks in a rotation, and nobody got more than 13 carries. That could have affected each back's rhythm.

PASS DEFENSE: C -- QB Trent Green hit some big plays when Denver had breakdowns in coverage. The Broncos had a few uncharacteristic slipups, which were caused in part by Kansas City's many formations and motion. The Broncos didn't give up as much in the second half, but Kansas City didn't really need to pass because the running game was so effective.

RUSH DEFENSE: D -- For three quarters, the Broncos defense was solid, holding RB Larry Johnson to 50 yards. Then in the fourth quarter, the Broncos had plenty of missed tackles and players out of position, and Johnson gashed them for 90 yards. Kansas City controlled the ball for most of the fourth quarter with its running game, which was a big factor in the outcome.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A -- The Broncos didn't give up much to Dante Hall, even though they were without their best special teams player, Keith Burns. Darrent Williams got his job as kickoff returner back and had a couple of nice returns.

COACHING: C -- The Broncos can't figure out how to win at Arrowhead Stadium, especially late in the year. Denver had a good game plan coming into the game and hit some big plays in the first half. But eventually Kansas City took control of the game, and the Broncos didn't have many answers. Denver could have taken a three-game lead over Kansas City but had too many breakdowns.

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