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JJ2391 thinks the key to the Denver Broncos' game against the Buffalo is to blitz, blitz, blitz the Bills. Read today's "Pick of the Posts" from the Broncos Update Hardcore message board.

Key to the Buffalo game: BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ!!!

Posted by JJ2391 on the Broncos Hardcore Message Board

This game really does concern me, especially on the heels of the anemic game played against the Ravens. If Buffalo has a strength, it would be on defense. We haven't completely sucked at Rich Stadium recently, but it is a very tough place to play on the road.

I fear that the Broncos may again play down to the level of their competition, and Buffalo will likely have studied everything that has been exposed in the past two games to exploit the soft spots our defense has been showing. I would love to see us blow them out like New England did last week. With Buffalo playing for their pride, we might be lucky to escape with a win.

Here are my keys to this game:

We must run effectively on first down. This means we need to run a lot of stretch plays and give Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell as many cut-back opportunities as we can. If we can have manageable second downs, it will allow Jake Plummer to do what he does best on second and third downs and short yardage.

We really need a big game from Rod Smith, and Jeb Putzier needs to make some big catches instead of dropping the ball like he did Sunday. Lelie needs to get down the field too. We don't lack talent at wide-out, but for some reason it hasn't clicked well in terms of the BIG plays this year.

Lastly, we need to stuff the run on defense, and we need to register some sacks instead of just getting close. We have seen the defensive line get good push but not finish the play all year long. We need everybody to step up and treat this game like it is the Superbowl.

Lastly, and this needs to be said...We will not last past the first round of the playoffs if we don't improve vastly over what we have seen the last two weeks. In the playoffs you have to be able to beat good teams. We have lost to KC, who is arguably a good team, but we barely squeaked past the Ravens. It seems like everybody on the team is waiting for someone else to step up and make a big play. With the loss of Darrent Williams, our secondary needs to get some help from the linebackers. And dammit, we need to blitz the crap out of them all day long. If we Blitz-Blitz-Blitz this Saturday night, we should get a huge win.

My prediction:
Broncos 42
Bills 3

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