Bighungry71's Seven Keys to the Chargers Game

Bighungry71 gives his keys and observations for the Week 15 Denver Broncos v. Oakland Raiders game on the Broncos Update Hardcore Message Board.

Week 17 Keys/Predictions

We made the playoffs, got a bye, and now have home field advantage for AT LEAST the second round. The Chargers are eliminated from contention....soooo with all that this game is meaningless right? Not for BVP, Todd Devoe, Karl Paymah and all the other guys that will see significant playing time on Saturday. This game is a look into our future. Here is my take on how and what our future needs to do on Saturday.

1. No mistake Bradlee. Ok so it doesn't rhyme but the thought holds as true as ever. BVP is a great athlete, I have no doubt that he will "make" a play or two this game that will cause heads to shake. However, as Jake Plummer has shown us this season we don't need our QB to win the game...we need him to manage it. We all know SD can play defense so it will be a great challenge for BVP.
Prediction: I think he's up to that challenge, look for a workmanlike 16-25 215 yards 2TD 1Int.

2. Do we get to see "the Diesel". My pick for the Ruben Droughns'ish sleeper back on this roster......Cecil Sapp. I know we will get to see Ron Dayne and Tatum Bell but I think you might see Sapp a little as well. Big, quick back that hits the hole hard...our kind of guy.
Prediction: San Diego's 3-4 is hard to run on, look for the Broncos to run effectively but not average more than 3 yards a carry.

3. Devoe'tion. BVP and Todd Devoe have this special little somthing going on. I don't know how to quantify it but it's there. I saw it in preseason and I expect it to see it on Saturday, they just "connect". With Van Pelt playing on Saturday and in all likelihood Rod not, I think Devoe will see significant playing time. Call me crazy but this guy is PRIMED for a big game.
Prediction : Devoe's line 9 catches, 170 yards 2TD.

4. PSYCHE!!!!! Remember that? Back in the 80's when you were messing with someone, you busted out the "PSYCHE!!" to proclaim your chicanery. Drew Brees is a "PSYCHE!!" kind of guy. He runs the play action as well as anyone in the NFL. What makes this really dangerous is the fact that teams MUST pay a lot of attention to LaDainian Tomlinson thus opening them up for the aforementioned "PSYCHE!!"
Prediction : Young players starting on D means less discipline for us. Look for Brees to connect with Keenan McCardell deep on play action.

5. Throw enough against the wall and, the old rule of thumb, some of it will stick. This is a "throw some against the wall game". It provides a great opportunity for Shanahan, Kubiak, and Coyer to experiment a little against a great team. You might see Patrick Chukwarah playing DE on passing downs, you might see some five wide on offense who knows. I think you count on seeing some experiments this game, some of which will make their way into the playoffs with us.

6. Please.....PLEASE!!! Dn't let anybody else get hurt. That's all I'm going to say about that.

7. Football is like knocking down dominos. Scoring early and getting a lead forces other teams to abandon the run which allows the defense to rush the passer more effectively which leads to more sacks and INT's which leads to short drives by the opposing offense which leads to the opposing defense tiring which leads to your running game being more effective and using clock which leads to a win. That in a microcosm, is how the Broncos win. What remains to be seen is if the Broncos can win a game that plays outside that scenario.
Prediction : . Young players starting for the first time, apathy, or just home field for the Bolts...I don't see this being a cakewalk. Because I'm the ultimate "homer" and can't pick against my boys I'm going for the tie....hehe. Broncos 24 Bolts 24


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