Bighungry71's Seven Keys to the Patriots Game

Bighungry71 gives his keys and observations for the Denver Broncos playoff game against the New England Patriots on the Broncos Hardcore Message Board.

T Minus 3 Key's and Predictions

Work is friggin crazy right now so I didn't have time to do all my research....regardless here is my less in depth take on the Pats game.

1. Wide Open. Look for the Pats to use lots of 3-5 reciever sets this week...that will probably include either Ben Watson or Daniel Graham in the slot. The hope there would be to force our boys into Nickel and limit the opportunities to blitz effectively.
Prediction : Bend but don't break. This defense excells at allowing yards underneath but not big plays. That needs to, and will continue. tom Brady's line 29-38 334 1 TD 1 INT

2. Pass me the Ball. Patrick Pass is an effective guy catching the ball out of the backfield, I also think he is underated as a runner.
Prediction : It all depends on down/distance/score but I would not be suprised to see pass average 4+ yards a carry and get around 100 yards.

3. Leopards might not be able to change spots but snakes can!. At some point all snakes grow to large for their skin and shed it. That shedding reveals a shiny new snake that doesn't even remotely resemble the old one. Statistically Jake Plummer has outplayed a lot of QB's this season, Pats fans still see the old Jake...they are in for a suprise.
Prediction : Jake does his job 21-30 2 TD

4. LB INC. If Penn state is Linebacker U then the Pats are Linebacker INC. With Teddy Bruschi back and Mike Vrabel more comfortable I would not expect us to run for 175+ this game. The Pats will surely game plan for Tatum Bell, he killed them last game, so don't expect him to be as effective. However, I think Mike Anderson and Ron Dayne both can be very succesful against the Pats D.
Prediction : Andersons line 23 Carries 89 Yards 1TD, Bell 7 Carries 29 Yards, Dayne 11 Carries 45 yards. (Thats 163 for you math challenged pats fans :P)

5. IN ROD WE TRUST. So he's not a 4.4 forty guy, regardless Rod is ALWAYS open. He runs better routes than any reciever in football....the Pats young corners will either play back and allow yards in front of them or they will play press and get burned by double moves. Both plans mean a big game for Rod.
Prediction : Rods Line 11 Catches 149 yards 2TD

6. Pocket Protector. Rookie Offensive linemen....are their three scarier words for a QB in the NFL? Saturday Brady gets to depend on two of them...I don't think that bodes well. With the Pats spreading out the field look for the Broncos to get pressure using only the Front four with an occasional blitz by Lynch or Wilson. I see Trevor Pryce and Gerard Warren having a big game saturday.
Prediction : Brady goes down 3 times to sacks but gets hit A LOT more!

7. Home is where the heart is. If this game were in Foxboro I would be picking the Pats. It's not disloyalty I just think that the game is between two evenly matched teams and home field means a lot in that situation.
Prediction : Broncos 27 Pats 17 in a close game that plays out on late BIG runs by Dayne and Anderson.


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