Bighungry71's Championship Keys/Predictions

Bighungry71 gives his keys and observations for the Denver Broncos AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on the Broncos Hardcore Message Board .

So the "Pretty boys" of summer are gone. All that remains are a couple of Bearded miscreants that, if you ask the "smart people" around football, had no chance of getting to this game. This game....I'm not going to lie and say I knew it all along. To be honest I'm still kinda fuzzy on how it all happened.

What I do know is our boys get the opportunity to play a home game this week against a pretty darn good Steelers team. So without further delay here it Key/Prediction for the AFC championship game.

I normally do 7 points...this week I only need one, why you ask? It's simple, while I don't claim to be all knowing every once in a while some of my prognostications come to fruition (I used big words to confuse the Steeler fans). This game is not going to be about Tatum Bell's speed, or Troy Palamalu's ability in pass all boils down to one simple little word.....

1. RESOLVE : 1.Steadfastness of purpose 2. A fixed decision or intent.

This game has it's fill of great one on one matchups. Ward vs Bailey, D-Will vs Randel El, Bettis/Parker vs Wilson or Plummer vs Joey Porter, Rod Smith vs Ike, and Anderson/Bell vs Hagans....and in reality Cowher vs Shanahan.

Matchup for Matchup across the board you see pretty close sets of skills. That means it will all boil down to the meaning of the word above, individuals RESOLVED to win as a team. Which TEAM wants it more....which TEAM steps up and takes charge. Like I said in the first sentence...the pretty boys are gone...all that's left now are football players, guys that represent working class city's that live and die by their teams success and failures. I can honestly say that Broncos win or Broncos loss Sunday I will be watching the team that I'm rooting for to win in the Superbowl.

Prediction : Two great teams led by great veteran leadership and Hall of Fame coaches. The only edge I see here is conditioning....welcome to 5,280 feet fellas....breath deep! Broncos 20 Steelers 13


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