Q&A with the Denver Broncos QB

Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer discusses this weeks AFC Championship, facing Troy Polamalu and the progress of 2005. Check out the full transcripts.

On the comparison of the Pittsburgh defense to the Denver defense
"We have been doing pretty good all year, and they do a lot of good things on their defense. There are great mismatches and guys that are getting the edge and getting that free guy coming, but hopefully we will prepare well and there won't be too many of those situations to arise. If it does happen, I know I just have to get rid of the ball quickly. These guys are fast and they don't give you time to pull the ball down much. If you do, as you can see, they can cause a little bit of trouble for you."

On how he thinks the Steelers will gameplan for him
"I don't know; we will see what happens. My mobility makes me one of those people that likes to get out of the pocket. If they bring some blitzes then hopefully I can make a guy miss and get out of there. They have a great defense, so they are going to have a great plan, whether it is trying to keep me in the pocket or put a lot of pressure on me. Every quarterback that they have played, especially during this streak here, they have been able to put a lot of pressure on. They have forced them to make them make a lot of quick decisions. They have played good defense outside and if you make one slip or one bad move, they can come up with the ball. They really have some ball-hogs on that defense."

On the attitude of the team
"You know you are done if you lose, and you know that you do not want to go home. Everyone is playing as hard as they have all year just with a little more intensity out there because you know that it is win or go home and nobody wants to go home early. "

On Pittsburgh S Troy Polamalu
"He is fun to watch. Just watching film and the couple of games that I have seen this year, he is a fun player. He flies around. I am not a strong safety or free safety. but if I did play that position, that is the way I would want to play. Running around, flying around just doing some crazy stuff and making plays. Out of their whole defense, he is one of their biggest ball-hogs. You have to see where he is and someone has to account for him because he can cause you some trouble. "

On the Steelers' defense and S Troy Polamalu
"It will be fun to play against them. This defense is one of the best defenses in the league. We have them at home, and it is going to be a big challenge. We have faced some good defenses this year, and this one is playing at a very high level right now. He is part of that defense and he is part of the reason why they are playing so well."

On how vital the running game is
"That is on paper and it sounds good, but as the game goes and the playoffs, the teams that run the ball well and stick to the run game let the rest come from that. I know that our defense will have a plan for their offense. For us, we are going to keep doing the same things that we have been doing all year. Trying to run the ball and play off of that. This is playoff football, and if you can run well during the playoffs you can continue to play on. "

On why the Pittsburgh defense is so good
"They have done a great job zone-dogging and doing some things where they create a free guy here and there. They are playing at high level, and I haven't inspected everyone of their blitzes yet but as we go through them, they are smart. They are going to time your cadence up and time some things out and be in the right spot. They are a very heavy defense that can get in the right lanes and they have been doing a very good job blitzing and causing some problems. Hopefully we can see enough on film to study up and plan for it."

On how tough it is to read the Pittsburgh defense
"They are probably the toughest defense that we have faced all year, and they are playing at a very high level. A lot of defense will disguise stuff – it is just a matter of refreshing your memory and watching enough film to know what those guys are doing and trying to figure out where they will be after they stop moving."

On his progression throughout his career
"I feel that I have continued to progress as a player, and we also have a great team around me."

On how the team is approaching this game
"We are all enjoying it; we have been enjoying it all year. You enjoy it after the game. After the game last weekend, I had a lot of my family and friends and we had a great time for a couple days. Hanging out and enjoying it; now it is back to business, we are back to doing the same thing. Coach Shanahan has stressed that we need to prepare the same way we did all year. We need to do the same thing and don't change things up. You do a little more and do a little extra and good things will happen. "

On whether or not the team is having fun
"Football is fun. We are having a blast right now. I've been in some losing seasons where we have gone 3-13 and it was fun then, but it wasn't as fun as it is now. We are putting ourselves in a position to do something special and all of us are having fun. When we go out here today and tomorrow in practice, you have to stay focused and get ready to go to work but at the same time enjoy it. This is something that we will hopefully remember forever."

On how he has progressed this season
"That is a tough question to answer right now because I am not looking at the way I progress. I am looking at this game."

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