Gameday Chillin'

Two hours away. Think of all we've accomplished. The AFC Championship Game. One for the ages. One that we'll be remembering and talking about and teaching our children about for decades. Broncos. Steelers. A trip to Detroit on the line for both.

A chance to represent all that is good and right with the world on the biggest possible stage.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Not yet. There is a big game to be played today.

As of this minute, I'm still not sure what my plans are for this game. As of this minute, I don't know if I'll be in the stands, in the press box, in the bar, or in a buddy's house. I just don't know.

But rest assured, fans of the Moose. My laptop will go with me. Whether I'm in section 151 or in the Box, at LoDo's or wherever, the laptop will be with me. I may write a sports column while sitting in The Sports Column.

So here's what I'll do. Since I don't know whether where I'll be will have internet access, at the very least I'll be posting a minute by minute rundown of the AFC Championship tonight following the game. If I do have internet access, there will be an "official championship game" thread running, and I'll be in full gear, moderating as always.

I'm off to live the adventure. Cheers to the fans, from Denver and Pittsburgh. Cheers to the teams that we'll be rooting for. Cheers to the refs, who are going to call a perfect game (RIGHT GUYS? RIGHT?). Cheers to no injuries on either side.

Cheers to the Broncos.

"I see black and gold, I kill the man wearin' it. You tell ‘em the law is comin'! You tell ‘em I'm comin', and Hell's comin' with me! You hear me? HELL'S COMIN' WITH ME!"

Sam DeWitt is a sportswriter living in Denver with his dog, Bailey. He spends his time commuting between his home and his favorite coffee shops in Cherry Creek and Lowry. He can be reached via email at or on his handle, TheRealMoose.

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