Coaches Corner - Mike Shanahan

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan addresses the media following today's 34-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Check out the full transcripts.

Opening statement
"I'd like to congratulate the Pittsburgh Steelers. I thought they played an excellent football game. Anytime you go into somebody's backyard and you beat the first, second and third teams, and you do it throughout the playoffs, you can be very impressed with how they played and how they handled themselves. I take my hat off to them."

On the Broncos Performance
"Anytime you have four turnovers it's hard to win football games. This is a team game. You do it as a team, offense, defense and special teams – I think we got beat in all areas today."

On QB Jake Plummer's Second Quarter Interception
"We go through the reads and certain progressions, and obviously when there are mistakes made you correct them there, and you're hoping that as the game goes on there are not any more mistakes. But, you'd like to have that one back if you could. I think he [Plummer] was frustrated. Obviously, when you throw interceptions you're frustrated, that's part of the game, and you've got to try to just overcome those mistakes. "

On Pittsburgh's Game Control
"I thought they just did a great job. Anytime they're six-for-seven on third downs in the first half. I think they were four-for-five in the red zone. The way they controlled the tempo of the game…once you did have the ball you had to try to take advantage of it. They did a good job stopping us defensively in the first half. They just played better and coached better than we did. "

On Bringing Pressure on Defense
"Like I said, when you make third downs you control the tempo of the football game, and you can't get them off the field. When you play the way they did, not only on third downs and in the red zone, you're going to be in for a long day, not only against them but against any football team."

On Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger's Performance
"I thought Ben did a great job of throwing the ball out in time. I thought there were some great catches, some great timed routes. You have to really take your hat off to their offense and their wide receivers, they made some big-time plays, with some big pressure, and it kept some drives going."

Decision to Kick a Field Goal instead of Going For a Touchdown [2nd Quarter]
"It was third down and eight or ten, I forgot what it was, but anytime you have a dime defense in there and we were just two yards short from going in the end zone. If we would have made it, it would have been a great call. But we were two yards short. Anytime you have your base personnel on the field, and you're going against a lot of defensive backs, every once in a while you take that chance, and unfortunately we wound up a couple yards short."

On CB Domonique Foxworth's Performance
"We knew they would go after Domonique more than [CB] Champ Bailey. They get paid for a living and might go after a young guy rather than an experienced guy. Domonique has had a heck of a year. He went against a couple of good wide receivers and we put a lot of pressure on him today, and he stepped up and got it done."

Looking Back at this Season
"I told our team I'm very proud of what they've done and how they played. The only teams that are happy at the end of the season are the Super Bowl teams, so you feel horrible about that missed opportunity. You work for that prize, that trophy. Anything short of that is very disappointing. Pittsburgh deserved to win today; they played better than we did. To do what they've done three weeks in a row against three excellent football teams, playing the way they did is really an accomplishment."

On Feeling he had a Good Game Plan for this Game
"I did. In the first half it doesn't take a whole lot. I think we had the ball four times. All of a sudden you have a couple turnovers in there, maybe three times and we threw one right at the end of the first half, and we had one turnover against a team that controls the tempo of the game like they did, and controls the clock, you have to take advantage of once you're in the red zone to get touchdowns. When you have two turnovers, you're playing catch-up for the majority of the day."

On Whether the Interceptions were the Result of Pressure or Mistakes
"That one at halftime was [the result of a mistake] – he [Plummer] thought the corner[back] was going to go into the post route, and he came off and made the play. You're going to have some plays like that, but you have to still work through it. But, I give them credit, we haven't been turning the football over many times this year. We did turn it over, and I'd like to give them some credit as well."

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