Broncos - Steelers Post Game Quotes

Although it was a disappointing day as far as the scoreboard was concerned, several Denver Broncos players took time to speak with the media about the game, the season and where they go from here.

"They made some big plays against a talented [Broncos] defense. We did what we did to get us here, which was blitz and single-coverage. They game-planned very well against us and executed when they had to."

On Receiver Coverage
"I expected them to come at me. [CB] Champ Bailey is across from me and he's a tremendous corner. No one wants to go at Champ, so I'm prepared for that every week.

On Disappointment
"Disappointment isn't the right word. I feel bad for the older guys, and some of the guys that may not be here next year. I fully feel like I will be back in this position before my career is up. I feel lucky to have gotten this far in my first year, but we'll be back in this position."

On Disappointment
"This is all you work for. You work to be in this situation and win, and we didn't get it done. It wasn't a great season. The only way it's great is if you go all the way. There's only one team that has a great season, and that's the team holding the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the year. What's the difference…you don't make the playoffs, or you make the playoffs and lose…it's all the same. If you don't win the whole thing, it's a failure. I'm not going to take anything away from them, they played a great game, but this is the way I live my life. If I don't get the prize it's a failure."

On Being Eliminated from the Playoffs
"I know what it feels like to hold the trophy at the end of the season, so anything less than that feels like a failure. This isn't on just one player, on play, or one scheme. We got out played today, and you can't take anything away from them."

On the Steelers' Performance
"It's a long game and each team had opportunities. We didn't take advantage of them, the opportunities, and the Steelers did. They played the way you half to play to win on the road in the playoffs. They deserve to go the Super Bowl."

On Being Eliminated from the Playoffs
"I'm definitely disappointed. All year you work hard to get to the Super Bowl, and we came up one step short. We have a very good team here, and we're proud of what we accomplished."

On Next Season
"Mr. Bowlen and Coach Shanahan do a great job in putting this team together. We've a got a great team this year, and I think we'll have a great team next season. It's disappointing to get this far and then not get into the Super Bowl."

On the Steelers Performance
"You can't get behind on a team like that. They do a great job of running the ball and managing the clock, and they played a great game. It was tough in the beginning to get a rhythm, and we just never could get it going. That's a phenomenal team over there. What they have done in the playoffs against the top three teams in the AFC is amazing. They just beat us today."

"The disappointment is always going to be there, and obviously this is going to take awhile before it gets better. We're going to marinate on this one for awhile, and then we'll have to move on."

On the Steelers' Touchdown Pass to WR Hines Ward
"I thought I timed it well, and the ball just stayed up there. It floated around and I was not able to get to it in time. He [QB Ben Roethlisberger] made a great throw and got it in there."

On Homefield Advantage
"It's unbelievable that things like that [losing today] would happen out here. We played so well at home all year, and it was definitely disappointing the way we played today. It was just that type of game where we didn't get breaks. I give a lot of credit to the Steelers and their coaching staff."

On the Steelers' Performance
"They didn't really do anything that surprised us. I think we had an excellent game plan, and we just didn't execute."

On Fan Expectations
"The fans have very high expectations in this area: in Bronco Nation. I don't think this season was necessarily a bust, but obviously we wanted to go all the way."

"I'm so proud of everybody in this locker room. We kept fighting and played until the final play. We just didn't make plays when we needed to."

On Jake Plummer's Play
"He had a great year, and helped us to be where we are. A lot of media are going to point the finger at him, but this was not Jake's fault."

On Offensive Coordinator Coach Gary Kubiak
"He has helped us all year, and helped me personally since I was a rookie. He's a great leader, and Houston is getting a great coach. My hat is off to Coach Kubiak."

On Aspiring to Return to the AFC Championship
"I think we'll get to this place again, we just have to work hard and good things will happen. Obviously you want to get to the Super Bowl, but we still think this was a great year. There's no doubt in my mind that we'll be back here."

On this Season Overall
"We were 13-3 and we won the [AFC] West. But, 20 years from now when we people look back, no one will remember that we got this far. It's difficult to get to this point and not go all the way."

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