Schon: Rumors, Rants & Raves 1/26/05

The Broncos have a shot at Mike Heimerdinger, Brian Griese's back in town and a seventeen-year old high school student gets tagged for wearing a Denver Broncos jersey to school.

So it looks like the Broncos may get their man after all, as the New York Jets have decided to part ways with offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger.

Heimerdinger, a former college roommate of Mike Shanahan's at Eastern Illinois, sat alone atop the Broncos wish list when it became evident that Gary Kubiak was headed to Houston.

Today, the former Broncos receivers coach (1995-99) is one step closer to returning to the Mile High City after being released from the final two years of his contract in the Big Apple. Terms of the release were not made public, but it is presumed that Heimerdinger forfeited nearly $2 million he was due had he finished his stint in New York.

We all had a bad teacher or two in high school but John Kelly, an ethnic relations teacher at Beaver Falls Senior High School gives new meaning to the word "Moron".

It seems Mr. Moron (Kelly) decided to make an example of one of his students so he forced seventeen-year old Joshua Vannoy, a national honors student, to sit in the middle of the floor to take his midterm exam. Other students were told to form a circle around Vannoy and were given blank notebook paper which they balled up and pelted the youngster with.

Those who hit Vannoy with the papers were told they would be given extra credit toward their test for every hit.

The crime Vannoy was being punished for?

Wearing a John Elway jersey to class two days before the AFC Championship.

Don't look now but former Broncos quarterback Brian Griese is back in town, this time to attend a viewing party for NFL Players Week on the television game show "Wheel of Fortune".

Bob Griese, Brian's Hall of Fame father, is playing to help raise money for his son's charity Judi's House, a children's grief support center founded in Denver five-years ago.

Initially, Brian was slated to appear but after a season-ending knee injury and a history of problems with steps and driveways, Sony Pictures decided to play it safe and call in someone a little more surefooted – his sixty-one year old father.

Pappa pulled through - netting $141,310 for the foundation.

At some point everyone will get over the "… it's all Jake's fault" mindset and resign themselves to the fact that as long as the Denver defense continues to allow a five-yard cushion for receivers during the playoffs, the Broncos come up short.

It really is that simple….

Super Bowl XL will mark the first time in Bowl history that a lower seed is favored over a No. 1 seed. Pittsburgh, the lower seed, is favored by four over the top seeded Seattle Seahawks.

On a side note….Underdog bettors won the last four Super Bowls against the point spread.

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